Beloved Anime of 2014 vs. The Aniblogging Blogosphere

Free! Eternal Summer See you next water time cuter closer-Beloved Anime of 2014 vs. The Aniblogging Blogosphere

The basic reasoning behind the Beloved Anime of 2014 vs. The Aniblogging Blogosphere is to gather divergent opinion lists of all the anime television series that has really made an impact on anibloggers. This is a unique list compilation. Meaning it is a personal list with certain tastes to it-mine. It still brings me great joy to share with anyone the anime of 2014 which hold to a high regard. ONLY anime television series that is.

Through a connection portal of a blog hop this can sort of give everyone who dabbles in anime blogging to really see what were the most memorable and beloved anime of the year. For this year, not many bloggers were available to participate, so for now it is a one blog affair. Hopefully in future years other blogs can host this event or keep it going other than The Huge Anime Fan. If not as long as I can keep blogging I will continue it on The Huge Anime Fan ^-^

The Huge Anime Fan-Beloved Anime of 2014

UPDATED: March 17. 2015 The list has been updated due to the fact only realized recently that Recently, My Sister is Unusual is an anime series from 2014 that really felt was a masterpiece in terms of anime series. I kind of forgot over the fact I watched the series a little after its airing/simulcasting time so I thought it was from 2013. Therefore Recently, My Sister is Unusual (2014) deserves a place among this list. 

Animation Television Series

#1 Free! Eternal Summer

Free! Eternal Summer-Haru and Rin traveling to Australia Part 5

#2 Psycho-Pass 2

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode #6-Kamui checking Tsunemori and her hue

#3 Love Stage!!

Manga Research Club Part 2-Love Stage!! Episode 1

#4 Noragami

Noragami 2013 anime series screenshot sample

#5 Recently, My Sister is Unusual

#6 Parasyte

Shinichi's hand-Parasyte anime Episode #1

#7 Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 2-Rize tries to manipulate Kaneki

#8 Chaika The Coffin Princess and Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle

Cute Chaika in Chaika The coffin Princess Avenging Battle

#9 Date A Live 2

#10 Haikyu!!

Haikyu Episode 1 [2-2]

#11 Hamatora and Re: Hamatora

Re Hamatora anime series-Art

#12 Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode #5 challenge issued

#13 Tokyo ESP

Ayumu walking away from Rinka-Tokyo ESP


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