My Arrival of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Artworks by Utako Yukihiro!

Originally the way got into Utako Yukihiro’s art/manga was having seen the anime series that premiered in Fall 2013. Afterwards it took a while for the anime to get licensed which led me to take up the manga series written by Madoka Takadono and illustrated by Utako Yukihiro.

And the more I read the more I realized how decadent the artwork was by Utako Yukihiro. It also delighted me to know that Utako Yukihiro also is sometimes allowed to design anime character designs for anime like Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie. Manga artist, Utako Yukihiro, also works with other writers who work on manga. So in a sense, Utako Yukihiro is always working on the art but also contributing within a duo team.

After seeing and reading the manga I kept thinking about possibly being able to see artwork by Utako Yukihiro similiarly to the Devils and Realist manga series but in full blown color. This very idea is possible with the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Artworks (Tankobon Softcover).

Makai Ouji-Devils and Realist Artworks opening page

I thought for sure this would be a softcover book but is more like a hardcover book and inside the pages are glossy with soft pages-the Softcover part? I think visually it is a treat and while I am not much of an artwork collector, really. This is certainly a first for me. I love Utako Yukihiro’s artwork so much that buying this seems very worthwhile for me personally.

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Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Artworks by Utako Yuhihiro Image Gallery

These are just a few samples from the artbook. Some of my favorites.

Makai Ouji-Devils and Realist Artworks Sample 1

Makai Ouji-Devils and Realist Artworks Sample 9

I find these so cute! The best part is knowing that these chibi versions portray all the characters in their regular school uniform wearing selfs and their other selfs either as angels, demons, or haughty nobles. In other words, they all have two personas they put up as seen from the anime and manga series.

About Utako Yukihiro, Manga Artist

Utako Yukihiro Profiled on MyAnimeList

Utako Yukihiro on Twitter: @mielelatte

Utako Yukihiro is a Japanese manga artist whose works include Uta no Prince-Sama and Devils and Realist. Utako Yukihiro also does work in the Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie anime series airing/simulcasting for the Fall 2014 Anime Season. The series contains a total of 24 episodes. Ensuring it will run until the Winter 2015 Anime Season too.


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  1. I’m not an anime fan, but the book is beautiful. By the way, I usually buy Japanese books from CDJapan or Neowing because the EMS shipping fee is cheaper than Amazon Japan.

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    • Hey, Korean Vitamin. Yes. It is, so pretty! I will be looking at it a lot from now on. Funny you should mention CDJapan. I just recently put in two CD orders. A lot of people really recommend them when it comes to items from Japan. And I agree their shipping is way more inexpensive and they have such attractive prices. I am excited to see how my shipping experience goes. Should be getting both my packages very soon.


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