The Importance of Being Earnest with Anime or Manga: Critiquing/Reviewing


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One of the few things have across through the years when it comes to the anime and manga fandom is that no matter what there seems to be people who disagree that anime or manga should in any way be critiqued. While critiquing in my view means similarly to reviewing since in the end you’re still giving your opinion in highlighting what made an anime or manga series good or bad this usually contains both negative but also positive points. Critiquing/Reviewing should not be taken as being critical but as a means to reflect on a work. Either way, for me personally, when I review a work I try to remain as humble and as humane as possible. Meaning I will review an anime or manga series with a keen eye of sensitivity to an anime series. Why you wonder? It is simple. There are real people behind anime or a manga. These people developed these stories and they put effort into and it would be heartless to merely measure a series in an offhand way which is the primary reason why I usually gush good things about anime or manga. Heck, I did this even when I devoted myself to simple book blogging over on Book and Movie Dimension a Blog.

I have always been something of an eccentric that believes anime and manga can always tackle new ground. Yet, at the same time, keep a keen eye for a series that could have rewarded fans much better. So because of that I won’t be opposed to sort of criticizing a series as well but only when necessary. Even then I don’t do it happily but merely because it is important to state this to others, so if they discover a series they would not be blindsided by the anime or manga in question toward the end. As a fandom I deeply care about I continue to review anime or manga series over me just loving the medium so much I want to share it with others and help them discover it. And reviewing something helps to sort of make others aware of something they could possibly miss before or after seeing a series.

Since I love anime and manga so much I am always curious to see other people’s thoughts on anime and manga which is why I love anibloggers. They are the few that willingly open themselves up completely up to share what they thought about an anime or manga series. A thing that might be at the heart of how most everyone feels about anime or manga.

The key lies in having various opinions that way you can weed out how most everyone feels about something. If not then sometimes you are blessed with finding others, at least, who saw things the same way you believed. While this path can be hard since most of the time others wont agree with you or even understand where your coming from it is still comforting to know someone else experienced it like you even if in some different way. With regards to anime it is important to distinguish which side of the spectrum you are, so you can get most out of the anime and manga fandom.

While it may be a scary thing to share absolutely everything you thought about a series it is important to do so as to give a greater understanding over what is worth looking at in a particular series. After all, nobody, should want to come across a bad anime series and have a bad time getting through it. Not only can this be time consuming but it can give a false impression to others.

While I can understand wanting to be too soft or too harsh with anime or manga when critiquing/reviewing. What I find best is too remain in a nice medium or neutral. That way you see things in new ways or can further try to see things you might otherwise miss but also to respect those who worked on the anime projects who are real people.

I am glad I can share my view on the importance of being earnest with regards to anime or manga. As stated hopefully before. This is not an all encompassing view. I am pretty sure others may disagree with me or perhaps agree. Which is fine since as with all pop culture this does happen.

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One thought on “The Importance of Being Earnest with Anime or Manga: Critiquing/Reviewing

  1. You brought up a lot of great points!

    I know that when I blog about series, I try my best to not sway too heavy in one direction. I’m not afraid to point out what I liked and disliked, but I wouldn’t want to scare off anyone from watching a series just because of my own opinion.

    I can see some people preferring a more blunt approach, which I respect, but I find that they can be a bit too over the top. To flat out say a series is garbage, or that it’s the greatest thing in the world definitely isn’t true since it’s all subjective. But I guess the passion of the reviewer sometimes shines through and I can understand if they want to swing heavily in one direction.

    At the very least, it’s always great to have an opinion on a series since that shows that you actually cared for it. Whether you loved it or hated it, it’s always fun to discuss a series!


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