The Huge Anime Fan Ani-Watchlist January 2015

These are the new shiny anime have begun for the Winter 2015 Anime Season. All of it based on animation first and foremost, story concept, voice acting level in a series, character interest, and music.

Winter 2015

Kamisama Kiss 2-Tomoe close to Nanami

1. Kamisama Kiss 2 | I am so enjoying myself with this one. Kamisama Kiss is still moving forward strong and I look forward to new episodes more so than even Tokyo Ghoul A.

2. Tokyo Ghoul A | I kind of expected TK from Ling Tosite Sigure would not be doing the opening theme song for Tokyo Ghoul A. Hey! He did just recently in August 2014 release, a complete album, full of songs titled Fantastic Magic. This would be pushing his creativity. But the new opening theme song for Tokyo Ghoul A is just terrible. I hate usually conventional types of music. And the new opening theme song is just that. It is almost bubbling with happiness and that does not fit the darker nature of Tokyo Ghoul. It doesn’t help that the music is also pretty forgettable. I wanted to like it but it did not work out. Now the ending theme song is pretty ok but with the opening being the opener it is, not that much of an improvement. Luckily storywise Tokyo Ghoul A is still feeling pretty solid.

3. Death Parade | The opening theme song of which I am not a fan of had me thinking for a few moments it might be rather like comedy horror but after time watching the first episode it proved to be false. It definitely is Horror. This series is seriously what I thought it would be: pretty dark. Think strong Psychological levels like Psycho-Pass.


Psycho-Pass 2 Episode #6-Kamui checking Tsunemori and her hue

1. Psycho-Pass 2 (Fall 2014 Anime Season)

2. Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle (Fall 2014 Anime Season)

Still Must Complete

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode #5 challenge acepted

1. Wolf Girl and Black Prince  (Fall 2014 Anime Season)

2. Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie  (Fall 2014 Anime Season)

I was most worried about the turnaround of Death Parade. Unlike Kamisama Kiss or Tokyo Ghoul this is not a sequel anime but a newer work. Still from what could tell seems brimming with potential.

4 thoughts on “The Huge Anime Fan Ani-Watchlist January 2015

  1. yessss I actually watch all of these suggested animes but its so good to see someone else seriously excited about Bonjour Sweet Love and how it’s going to go! :3

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  2. Hey! This is Polaris from musicknowsnobounds. (Not sure if you remember me!) I’m glad to hear you’re watching Death Parade. It’s really good and I’m loving the original story line. I totally agree with you on the new Tokyo Ghoul op. It is pretty bad.

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    • Hi Polaris,

      Nope. I do remember you! Sorry I haven’t visited more with your blog.

      Yes. Death Parade is actually pretty interesting and visually stunning. I particularly thought Episode 3 was very moving.

      I am not sure about the Tokyo Ghoul A OP “Munou” being good as some say when trying to defend it. I mean I have noticed that as you see it more and more you get used to it. I think that can happen with all music. But initially I can still remember nothing really broke the surface as thinking this sound is like no other. Or very nice or anything. And then the lyrics. I do not think are controversial but just come out of nowhere. I have to think they are all metaphors? I find it strange that they did not apply heavier Rock music yet again. With this being Tokyo Ghoul.


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