Who What Who What by Ling Tosite Sigure CD+DVD Limited Edition Image Gallery

While I had previously reviewed Who What Who What by Ling Tosite Sigure, here for your reading pleasure.

Who What Who What by Ling Tosite Sigure [Limited Edition Digipak CD+DVD release]

I still very much wanted to showcase the extra that came with the Limited Edition release of Who What Who What which was released January 14. 2015. Particularly for those who follow the unique band. If you have been wondering how this CD release stacks up to previous ones then here you go with this image gallery.

Who What Who What by Ling Tosite Sigure Limited Edition Image Gallery

This is the first purchase have made from CDJapan. To say I was nervous about making a purchase through CDJapan is an understatement. Most of the time usually get CDs from Japan through Amazon US but I wanted to try CDJapan especially with their better prices. Good thing everything came as expected. But enough of that. More on that later when I do some blogging on My First Experience with CDJapan.

-If you like elegant CD cover artwork then Ling Tosite Sigure always seems to go for this. Whoever is in charge of their CD cover artwork designs deserves much credit. Who What Who What is another winner.

-A Digipak. It gives the CD release by the band even more appeal visually and the digipak releases (Also see: Abnormalize and Enigmatic Feeling) seem to also hold up much better for practical reasons.

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Available: CDJapan-$10.13

Ling Tosite Sigure-Music Artists Biography

Ling Tosite Sigure band in late 2014

Pierre Nakano | TK | 345

Ling Tosite Sigure Official: http://www.sigure.jp/

Find out More: Last.fm

A Japanese rock band from Saitama, formed in 2002. The band uses Ling tosite sigure (凛として時雨) on their website, albums, and other materials. The band’s name means “A frigid autumn’s rain shower.” Their music style is aggressive, fast-paced rock with rapid changes of tempo and mood reminiscent of styles as diverse as progressive rock, post-hardcore, post-rock, and funk. They utilize both male and female vocals ranging from soft singing to loud wails and screams. They signed for distribution with JPU Records in June 2013.