Reflection: Anime is Not Past the Golden Age, It Lives On

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Due to me being a heavy aniblogger and due to my deep love of anime and manga. I will like to address something I see as a big misconception of entertainment that is anime and manga. I am not sure some of you may be aware of this but there does exist nostalgics or individuals that believe anime and manga wont ever be good if it is newer anime and manga. I find this very seriously hilarious to believe since actually anime and manga since the 2000s onwards has actually improved.

If your thinking that this is only relevant to the animation quality. Think again. Story has also gotten better tackling new controversial issues, character development has continued to see a stable balance, musical scores, and even voice acting to a series has improved. Anime has actually only ever improved since 2013-2014 and 2015 should be no different. I seriously believe this to be true. Anime like Code Geass/Code Geass R2 (2006-2008), Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan, K, Psycho-Pass/Psycho-Pass 2, Maoyu, and My Romantic Teen Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. have proven this to be true. In manga look at Bakuman, Devils and Realist, and or Dance in Vampire Bund. In all these fields there are even more to find in actuality.

Perhaps I many not know enough since I was born in 1994, but trust me I have seen quite a few anime and manga from the 1990s to 2014 and there are various genres and all type of mature levels of anime. While it is true many anime is centered around being mostly for young adults it is not right to say these anime are unnecessary. Many of them are phenomenal in their respective genres and demographics. If your wiling look that is.

Futurama Fry Not Sure If True or Satire As Usual

And so in the end, it is an anime watcher’s or manga reader’s duty to scope out the good from the bad. That is the whole point of the experience to be had with anime and manga. If your one of those people who doesn’t want to waste your time then good thing blogs or review sites exist but please consider again when you say anime has seen its Golden Age and it is over. Or that is lacks creativity. That is so obviously false. Particularly when people throw out terms or phrases like “Soul Eater will save anime”. Do I see anime being past its glory? No. Therefore it doesn’t exactly need saving.


2 thoughts on “Reflection: Anime is Not Past the Golden Age, It Lives On

  1. Tbh 2015 hasn’t been off to a good start, but I do think it might get better. The “Golden Age” isn’t over; it’s simply some seasons are good and others aren’t. There are plenty of great anime from within the last 3 years who can stand against some of the old classics. I do dislike it when people say the golden age of anime is over, because if we’ve already seen the best, why are we still watching ? Here’s to another great year in anime!

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    • Hi! Blackragdoll
      Sadly I have to agree with the exception of Kamisama Kiss 2, Tokyo Ghoul A, and Death Parade in this season with the start of 2015 all the other anime that premiered do not seem really ripe with potential. I like how you said it best. Yes. Some of the newer anime can stand against the old classics. It remains to be seen per season.


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