The Most Terrible (Not Palatable) Anime of 2014 Experienced

The Most Terrible Anime of 2014 Experienced Compiled

2014 had some excellent anime specimens to be sure! All that listed with the Beloved Anime of 2014 which covered my pleasant adventures in aniblogging. Though honestly it is time that really give out a list of the most terrible anime of 2014 which accounts for my misadventures in anime. While it pains me to do so. I really want to be frank about how these anime did not give promising returns once watched. Sadly.

#1 Bryndhildr in the Darkness

Honestly this anime was the worst merely because I was totally in love with it. I was pretty excited from the beginning about this series to which I did a First Look. It was Studio Arms animation, after all!

I was also pretty active on forums during the time it simulcasted/aired. And my favorite pairing in the series was Neko and Ryota who were the main lead characters.

Still for some reason or other the last two episodes took a turn for the vast unbelievable. If that was not the worst I had to handle that the conclusion solved nothing, so basically all that I had watched served no purpose. Talk about returning to square one. I think the anime pissed me off mostly since after watching I could tell it held a very bad closure to the series. Leaving one feeling like they invested all this time for nothing especially since I had to put up with a character within the anime, Kazumi, who was lets just say utterly annoying. She was almost as annoying as Shimotsuki from Psycho-Pass 2.

#2 Mekakucity Actors

Frankly, I understood nothing throughout the time spent watching. Nothing! Such a shame since the animation was beautiful. Not as good as the Free! anime or Guilty Crown but certainly better than the average animation quality.

#3 Black Bullet

The story pacing and the storyline in general proved pretty boring. Surprisingly the only two good things there was with the series is Yuki Kaji’s voice acting and the smooth flawless animation. But beautiful animation and a high voice acting level doesn’t a great or good series make with regards to anime.

*Note: I actually watched all these anime series completely. Now I wonder how I ever did it. Yet, I did!*

Overall happy that there were very few anime that were not palatable. I mean honestly I only ever want to encounter good anime and not ones that leave a bitter aftertaste. So considering 2014 only held a small number of bad anime (3) that I came across. I consider this a victory. And hopefully this serves as a warning to some of you in connection to these anime. Watch at your own risk!

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    • Finally someone that gets it. Black Bullet was story-wise very lame. And that goes sadly with the end.

      P.S. I know I have already stated in the post above but beware these other anime if you have not already seen them. Honest!

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  4. ᗯᕼᗩT TᕼE ᕼEᒪᒪ?! I ᒪOᐯEᗪ EᐯEᖇY ᗷIT Oᖴ ᗰEKᗩKᑌᑕITY ᗩᑕTOᖇᔕ! It’s not our fault your so simple-minded and your brain can’t process what’s going on


    • You know Dreamer. The series was terrible. Honestly nobody would stick around for a second season of Mekakucity Actors since it was not very straight forward with its story-telling approach. Please read my review of it:
      Mekakucity Actors (2014) Anime Series Review

      I did praise the story-telling in some regards but it does not change the fact that it was not very straightforward with what it wanted to get across. And if you check for yourself on the anime blogging blogosphere a lot of bloggers had the same thoughts as me.

      It is not just me being “simple-minded”. Just another word without meaning I think. Though saying someone is simple-minded does not make them so just because you loved a particular anime series.

      No self-respecting anime fan would say a series is necessarily great or good if there are various instances where it is confusing for the audience. A successful anime must be easy to understand for all audiences. All types of people. If not what is the the reason for it to exist in the first place.


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