My First Experience with CDJapan

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Nerve wrecking times ensued precisely over the fact I have always only ever been an online shopper on US and thus have never really needed to online shop much anywhere else. I mean my first ever online shopping purchase was back in 2009 with the Mortal Instruments box set of books by Cassandra Clare. And through the years since then has provided me with seamless, convenient service which has garnered a real sense of loyalty from me!

So my whole need to purchase from CDJapan was incited from my appreciation of Ling Tosite Sigure as well as Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas. You know I blame anime. Lately I keep coming across music artists with music I can see myself listening to daily.

While I may complain about it I am pretty thankful discovered them even though this type of music is not available locally in the United States thus making it a little expensive to own.

My Sources on Why CDJapan Looked Trustworthy

1. Channel Ai-Anyone here ever buy from cdjapan?

2. Anime News Network-Where’s the BEST place to buy Japanese CDs?

3. Pocket Tokyo-CDJapan Hauls & Review ♡

4. Usamimi Tea Time-A Surprise in the Mail! (CDJapan Review!)

And while I am forever grateful to their prices for music CDs from Japan are a bit expensive even from third party sellers. Luckily anime fans have by now for years actually experimented with places where to best buy music CDs from Japan online. And CDJapan is noticeably the most convenient along with having really inexpensive prices. Also unlike YesAsia they do not ship out CDs that arrive damaged. Which really makes me think of them a little like except that they have a cool point system. Like when you buy stuff points accumulate for future orders and if you decide to use them the prices will get somewhat reduced. Very neat!Let Me Hear [Limited Release] by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Release Sample 5

Who What Who What by Ling Tosite Sigure Limited Edition Image Gallery 1

CDJapan is trustworthy since I did place two orders and both orders arrived on time in pristine new condition. I also had no problem contacting their customer service which I did since had made a mistake originally on one of my orders. And best of all they take debit cards rather than merely credit cards.

This is a very nice specialty online shopping website. It really does give shoppers what it promises.