Strike the Blood (2013-2014) Anime Series Review

Strike the Blood 2013-2014 anime series-Koujou and Himeragi in cosplay

Strike the Blood-2013/2014 Director: Hideyo Yamamoto| Animation Studio: Silverlight

This is an anime series saw from the Fall 2013 Anime Season which stretched into the Winter 2014 Anime Season. It was the anime that for that particular season made the most impression for me personally. Besides Diabolik Lovers since Tokyo Ravens turned out not to be as good as the first half. Strike the Blood had glorious animation (Silverlight) but also a stable story to back it up. Leading me to think about it even soon after its passing.

Strike the Blood 2013-2014 anime series-Unexplained Mysteries in the series Part 5

And even as Strike the Blood ended with never explaining who Avrora was. Somehow it never quite feels like a true flaw but actually makes you want to know more with the Strike the Blood anime series.

While I tend to dislike any part of entertainment which involves vampires. Mostly since vampires have been done in various ways and the mythos to vampires can get to be too overused and already touched upon. This was not the case with Strike the Blood. The story is quite unique. It handles the vampire concept in a brand new way and in any case the series does not merely involve vampires but other sets of supernaturals. Kind of like True Blood (TV series involving vampires and other supernatural beings. Wildly popular in the United States).

Mogwai Artificial Intelligence that helps Asagi in the Strike the Blood anime series

The story involves a vampire, Akatsuki Kojou, who is trailed by a young adolescent girl named Yukina Himeragi. Himeragi despises him in the beginning believing him dangerous but later sees him as nothing more than harmless. It so appears until his vampire progenitor status shows he has a knack to control truly powerful familiars. The only problem to activate these familiars he has to feed from any other girls. This causes quite the conflict.

The series has quite the mix of cast of characters. All of which usually turn out to be villains or opponents of both Himeragi and Kojou.

What becomes vastly entertaining is that throughout the series there are many characters with really weird personalities or goals. This is probably due to the comedy element being nurtured in the series.

If had to recall an element of the series which was crystal clear in my mind’s eye it would be Himeragi and Kojou’s catchprase “No. It’s our fight!”. This was a moment that ran in the series a lot making me think Himeragi and Kojou as characters were like sweethearts within anime. A type of anime power couple if there ever was any. Which was adorable!

Completely Strike the Blood had nothing that mars it other than the fact that it can be very full of fanservice. While personally the fanservice to me is not a drawback. There is that to be aware of. Though I loved it! Sorry but with Strike the Blood it is pretty much everywhere.

Stellar voice acting performances!

Kojou’s CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya | Himeragi’s CV: Risa Taneda | Astarte’s CV: Yuka Iguchi

Recommendation Level: Phenomenal anime series. Very Highly Recommended.

Anime Soundtrack Notes

The opening and ending theme songs are perhaps one of the best when it comes to anime. While you do tend to see anime where you prefer the opening or ending of the first half or the second more. This does not happen since somehow those working on Strike the Blood, thankfully, made a good choice in the music and the production of the opening and ending theme songs. So the first half and the second both had wonderful theme songs.

Recommendation Tiers

Sadly. No!

So-So. Probably should be passed up.

Good anime series. Well recommended.

Phenomenal anime series. Very Highly Recommended.

Strike the Blood (24 episodes)

Strike the Blood 2013 anime series

Director: Hideyo Yamamoto

Animation Studio: Silverlight

Available to Stream Now: Crunchyroll

Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Fanservice-Ecchi, Action

The fourth Progenitor is the most powerful vampire once thought to exist only in the world of legends. Yet when it appears in Japan, the government for some reason chooses an apprentice “sword shaman”, Yukina Himeragi, to observe and obliterate it. Bewildered by the disproportionate task and its specific details, Yukina arrives at the Demon District of Itogami-jima to watch Akatsuki Kojou a student at a private high school on Itogami-jima.


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  1. I enjoyed the series, but really looking to picking up the light novels that Yen Press will be bringing over. Hopefully it will make more sense of some the concepts that felt omitted from the anime.


    • I did hear about the news that Yen Press will be bringing over the light novels. Quite a nice surprise! I really hope the series sells well. Strike the Blood and The Devil is a Part-Timer! are both light novel series I know Yen Press is bringing over to North America. So I want them to do well. So that Yen Press can be convinced to bring over the My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. light novels. It would be great to see more light novels circulating in North America. None more so than My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. by Wataru Watari.


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