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Spring 2015 has me already very excited with the return of one of the most anticipated anime sequels personally for me-My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2. Just a little over a year ago I would have never expected this. And to know this is coming true makes me so uncontrollably happy.

Hachiman CV: Takuya Eguchi | Image Credit: MyAnimeList

There are few anime that have caught my interest as much as this series. I say this as both in the anime and light novel versions. And, yes, thanks, to some generous fan-translators. I have had the chance to read a couple of the light novel volumes. Making me see the potential power of the light novel. Whereas right now I am thrilled for more Hachiman goodness and Takuya Eguchi voice acting.

There are at least two more anime series I will be giving watching chances. They are Seraph of the End and Is it wrong to try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

As new premieres come, Seraph of the End, is very highly anticipated since I was taken by the very premise from the beginning and once I read the manga my instincts were proven true. In other words, very much, hope for some major Micha and Yuu moments in the anime. And I wont be happy until get them. Let the fangirling wait begin!

Seraph of the End contains distinct shonen-ai traces. Either that or I am blind.

Seraph of the End-One of many actual close Yuu and Micha moments

Yuuichiro (Yuu) will be voiced by Miyu Irino.

The Huge Anime Fan Ani-Watchlist for Spring 2015

1. My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2

My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 2015 anime series visual

Animation Studio: Feel

Director: Kei Oikawa

Hachiman Hikigaya, a pessimistic high school student with no friends, nor interest in making any, and the firm belief that everyone else’s cherished high school experiences are either delusions or outright lies. Hachiman finds himself coerced by his well-meaning student advisor into joining the one member Service Club.

There he encounters club founder Yukino Yukinoshita, a smart, attractive, walking superiority complex who looks down on the entire student body. So begins this tale of youth. Season 2.

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance

Premiere Date: April 2 | 2015

2. Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End 2015 anime series

Animation Studio: WIT Studio

Director: Daisuke Tokutsuchi

After a catastrophic epidemic kills every adult on earth, vampires arise from the shadows to enslave the remaining human population.

Yuichiro and his friends are kept as vampire fodder in a creepy institution masquerading as an orphanage. One day, Yuichiro’s dreams of fighting back are realized when the orphans stage a daring escape. But things go horribly wrong, and his dream is kept alive at a cruel price.

Genre: Fantasy-Dark Fantasy, Action, Drama

Premiere Date: April 4 | 2015

3. Is it Wrong to try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is it wrong to try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon 2015 anime series

Animation Studio: J.C. Staff

Director: Yoshiki Yamakawa

Notable voice actors/actresses: Maaya Uchida as Liliruka Arde

The huge labyrinth city, Orario, is the gateway to the huge underground maze commonly known as the “Dungeon”. Its strange name causes excitement, a place to gain honour, and maybe even a romance with a pretty girl. A place where people hold their breath, hoping to gain all they wish for, a place where a solitary young man meets a little “god”.

Genre: Fantasy

Premiere Date: April 3 | 2015

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2 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Anime Preview-Back to Seasonal Anime Blogging

  1. I’m looking forward to Seraph of the End as well! I’m glad that it’s been confirmed for two-cours at least so they can really flesh out the story rather than rushing everything (like Black Bullet).

    I’m also really liking the new art style for OreGairu. The old one had a certain charm to it, but I couldn’t help but think it looked a bit dull. Everything looks so bright and shiny with the studio change though!

    I actually forgot to put Picking up Girls in a Dungeon on my to watch list. The series caught my attention since it looked like it would be fun by mixing comedy, romance, and fantasy together, but I really did not want to type out that crazy title, and I’m not really sure how people are abbreviating it!


    • I am very much ecstatic about Seraph of the End especially as I have read a lot of the manga series. I certainly think if there were to be very few manga series available in North America then for sure, Seraph of the End, would be a series worth any reader’s time. But then again I am a very picky manga reader and I only believe half of what gets licensed in North America is even worth anyone’s time. The rest not so much.

      Now about ‘Is it Wrong to try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon?’ I sort of just decided to go with the title being used in the light novel releases currently in North America by Yen Press. The title does have an almost audible shock value with a name like that but I have to give it to whoever came up with the name. It does catch your attention with a title such as that. Although what got me even more interested is the animation. Looks very ethereal and smooth though I guess it makes sense since it is animation studio J.C. Staff. Think: The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat or Love Stage!!


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