Looking at Anime Fans: Anime Fans Who Are So Demanding!

Part 1 in the Looking at Anime Fans series. Anime fans are so incredibly demanding and thus annoying! Part 2.

The 4 Pet Peeves When it Comes to Anime Fans

Psycho-Pass Complete First Season Premium Edition Blu-ray by FUNimation Entertainment

Anime Prices Are Expensive for a 12 episode anime series in North America at $45.99 or $54.98 or the Soul Eater Premium Edition Blu-ray Only at $97.49.

As I have reached the pinnacle of my youth with now being an official 20 year old and thus having more disposable income. I actually can afford to spend $60 per month on anything anime and or manga related which includes merchandise. Though I am an immensely picky anime watcher and manga reader and thus I only take a handful of anime series seriously. Though I have a preference for much newer works and the list to some is not necessarily small considering I have seen tons of anime. So once I watch an anime series I try to keep up-to-date on news if an anime company in North America has licensed a series for release or even an anime film. When I so happen to visit sites like Anime News Network or sites like The Fandom Post. It really is annoying to see some fans call out how a 12 episode anime series being $45.99 or $54.98 is expensive for a subtitled only anime series. While I can understand that being mind-blowing obviously these people need to realize the many expenses it takes to produce anime in the first place. And talk about half of them who comment like this are likely people who have never even supported anime or are likely still watching anime as moochers. I mean it is fine to say anime releases are expensive when it comes to Aniplex of America but when not. It sure makes no sense. News flash! The Premium Edition anime is for superfans who want a visually stunning display set. As for prices for 12 episode anime series complete collections that has no basis. In general, anime is not an inexpensive venture. Get used to it.

Legal Streaming Sites Suck, I can Get Better Quality from Fansubs

Some anime fans I see on forums or such anime news sites like Anime News Network cite that the reason for not supporting legal streaming or buying anime home video releases as being contributed to anime companies being outdated and slow to release what they want when they want it. I say to this, what a load, of utter lies. Many anime fans want the highest quality and believe that even with Blu-ray home video releases this wont be obtained. To them it makes sense to starve their home country’s anime companies merely because they want their high and mighty demands to be met. It’s unreasonable to expect legitimate anime distributors such as Sentai Filmworks who must respect legal copyrights, distribution agreements, and the technological limitations imposed by legitimate market conditions and economic and technological practicality to adhere to the whimsical consumer demands. Especially since anime fans don’t acknowledge those same limitations. The consumer insistence that the industry evolve and keep up with consumer demand is crazy because it only works when both parties are equals and both admire each other’s contributions. Though anime fans expect legitimate distributors to compete against the unfair competition of video piracy and unlicensed distribution. You can read more about this and how I agree completely with John from Anime Nation on this issue: Ask John: Why is the Industry Trying So Hard to Promote Blu-ray?

Demands for Blu-ray Though Some Anime Fans Like Myself Could Care Less About Adding More Expenses to Something Like Blu-ray and a Blu-ray Player

Some anime fans want Blu-ray but as John from Anime Nation points out “there’s no question that a large portion of American consumers literally don’t see an advantage in Blu-ray. Countless consumers don’t care about supplemental features or interactivity. Countless consumers literally can’t distinguish a significant difference between the clarity of standard definition and high definition video. And, in fact, many current BD releases are simply standard definition video artificially upscaled to HD resolutions”.

This only proves my point! Meanwhile, due to this foolish fan demand of Blu-ray, I cannot for the good of me purchase Valvrave the Liberator which is a Blu-ray only release by Aniplex of America. I cannot help but think the few, select anime fans that ask for more Blu-ray releases are causing DVD home video releases or DVD/Blu-ray combo packs to be undermined. Interestingly the Psycho-Pass Premium Edition release by FUNimation Entertainment was also Blu-ray only.

Anime Companies like FUNimation Entertainment Have No Say in Whether A Series Gets More Anime Seasons: So Stop Asking

Western Otaku on Youtube Gives His Thoughts. So learn why anime wont get more anime seasons.

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