Shock! Noragami Gets a Second Season

March 31. 2015-Shock! Noragami Gets a Second Season

March 31. 2015-Shock! Noragami Gets a Second Season

A second season of Noragami is in the works to the utter shock of many I’m sure. While I was perhaps one of the few rare exceptions that was fine with the one season of Noragami since be it the handiwork of the scriptwriter(s), storyboard director(s), or Noragami’s director the finale used quite the nice series opener analogy which made one think Yato and Hiyori’s futures would be forever intertwined even if that will never be continued with more anime.

So for the few who saw it like that then it surely is even more of a surprise. Or should I say a state of shock. As for others who kept hoping for a second season of Noragami. I am sure this is quite the surprise too either way. Add to the mix that even the manga creators of Noragami, Adachitoka, were just as shocked or so Anime News Network mentions means this is quite a reason to celebrate this anime.

What an anime continuation miracle! I mean while I was more than content with only one season of Noragami to actually get more Noragami anime is not at all bad, either. It was one of my top favorites of 2014 |Beloved Anime of 2014 vs. The Aniblogging Blogosphere| which saw as quite remarkable in its own right.
What are your thoughts on a season 2 of the Noragami anime series? Thrilled, skeptical, or not sure how to feel.

Noragami in North America


The first season of Noragami will be available on home video in Summer 2015 as per licensing plans from FUNimation Entertainment. They originally simulcasted the anime via FUNIMATION. All episodes are actually still streaming.

Be sure to pick up your own copy of Noragami when it lands through your favorite online retailer especially because Noragami (Season 1) works as a good standalone anime by itself.


2 thoughts on “Shock! Noragami Gets a Second Season

  1. I was actually pretty surprised with the announcement! I don’t remember the blurays selling insane numbers, and the anime even added in an original arc/ending.

    There is definitely enough material for a second season though, and I’m pretty excited for it! I heard that it kept getting better (Bishamon’s arc). It was a great series, and definitely needed more time to get into the real story (Nora and the real antagonists remain a mystery still).


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