The Hot Spots of Interest in Anime and Manga Entertainment Part 1: The Countries

While there is still time before the Spring 2015 Anime Season begins I thought it will be a good time to actually cover the hot spots of interest in anime and manga through a series comprised of 3 sections: The Countries, Hot Spot Countries Where to Buy the Anime & Pop Culture, and the importance of anime companies developing in a few select countries. Anime Streaming by the way was covered before on the blog.

Much of the hot spots below go into what I personally believe are some of the countries that are more full of anime fans who appreciate anime and deliberately are conscious enough of it to actually support it when possible financially that is. Fans in countries that do not just watch and that is that but actively see it as more than that but a culture of its own. They are as follows:

The Hot Spots of Interest in Anime & Manga with Devoted Anime Fans 

*Note: Devoted Anime Fans are anime fans that do buy anime or the related Pop Culture merchandise surrounding the anime entertainment culture. Just being an anime fan means you do love it but are not necessarily outright supporting it*


North America (United States and Canada)



United Kingdom (England and Ireland)



New Zealand



South American countries primarily Brazil and Argentina

I simply note many of these countries as wanting to be supportive of their hobbies and interest in the Pop Culture that anime and manga posses because most of the time those interested in anime or manga who are vocal through anime forums and online sites that cater to the Anime Pop Culture are fans that originate from these countries.

This is further cemented when I see those in Spanish speaking countries wanting more streaming in their countries for select anime or manga seen with some of the news of the soon to air or stream online, Seraph of the End. I also take into account just recently came upon a Crunchyroll forum article where anime fans specifically those from Mexico compiled a list of places online where they can buy anime or manga and related merchandise called Comprando anime original (en México). This forum discussion is translated into English Buying Anime in Mexico.

It is important to still remark that Mexico suffers from various religious and government upheavals on occasion. More on this can also be given a look in Anime in Mexico details. The article is from 2001 Anime News Network) but even today it can be talked about in regards to Mexico and its occasional disturbances. So this accounts for their major slowdown of popularity of anime and manga. Though it should be said that anime and manga have been very popular there. I especially saw this a few years back when I lived in Mexico and had to attend private school in early 2001 when I was pretty young and Pokemon was a huge hit. Though I think what Mexico needs is to have a few stable anime distributing companies that are focused there and who are also willing to stream and simulcast anime as they first come out so that the next big anime hits land for the Mexico anime fans.

While Mexico like America suffers from a restricted TV anime programming. Still what helps to supplant the limitation of anime is the existence of a Plaza de technologia or Technology Hubs in some parts of Mexico. These hubs are like pubs without alcohol that is or internet cafes that is where there is manga available and a possibility for the expansion of anime.

The blog has also provided me with some good information on other hot spots where anime and manga is followed but I choose the above countries primarily over me seeing fans who seemed way more vocal on supporting anime and manga through the years from the above countries.

Still for reference below there you can see a mapping of those interested in anime and manga. It actually so happens it fits with countries had pinned with the more devoted anime fans. Stats for 2015. Stats for 2014 are not being made available since wanted the most current stats possible.

Stats - The Huge Anime Fan  2015

Based on my observations at the end of the day anime would be essentially focused on in 14 different countries and I guess it is better that it be nurtured in these countries especially if these are the countries where anime and its Pop Culture is much more appreciated by people.

Updated and Revised on April 9. 2015.