Featuring the Taito Free! Eternal Summer Haru Anime Figure

Taito Free! Eternal Summer Haru Anime Figure

This February 2015 anime figure release is for the well-received and popular anime series, Free! Eternal Summer. If you don’t know much about the series then feel free to check out the blog where I both covered this anime franchise through episodic reviews and full complete series reviews. While there are two anime seasons for Free! This anime figure by Taito is depicting one of the main characters from the Free! Eternal Summer anime series or so the box says.

What first piqued my interest in picking up the figure was mostly the actual costume wardrobe the anime character Haru is wearing. If you know the series he doesn’t always wear such attire. Making this particular pick of an outfit all the more hilarious. It can be really fun looking at it that way.

One of the best qualities about the anime figure is that Taito is really offering this figure very inexpensively. While that may be true you are still getting a very attractive figure in return.

The detailing for the outfit that Haru is wearing contrasts very well with his dark brown combat boots. The boots themselves have very nice detailing also on closer inspection.

Taito Free! Eternal Summer Haru Anime Figure Photo Gallery

His face is actually the only thing that is off. It actually tries but does not exactly portray the character from the anime. Still from afar it works. The one other downside is that Haru’s crotch area on his white pants has a noticeable blue tinge as you can see from the photo gallery.

All in all while it has two major downsides I think again for the price it actually is not a bad deal. You get a memento to a very influential anime series.

Taito Haruka Nanase Figure Details

Taito Free! Eternal Summer Haru Anime Figure Test Photo

Available to Buy: Amazon.com for $34.99

Manufacturer: Taito

Released: February 26. 2015

Material: PVC-Prepainted

Type: Prize Anime Figure

You can see more photos of the Taito Haru Anime Figure on My Figure Collection.


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