The Huge Anime Fan Ani-Watchlist April 2015

These are the new shiny anime have begun for Spring of 2015. All of it based on animation first and foremost, story concept, voice acting level in a series, character interest, and music.

This time around there is the return of one of my most favorite anime of the past years that has some of the best voice acting around. With that I very much mean all credits go to Takuya Eguchi voice of Hachiman, Saori Hayami who voices Yukino, Nao Toyama who voices Yui, and Mikako Komatsu who happens to voice Totsuka in the My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 anime.

Spring 2015

My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 anime- Cute Hachiman eating in Episode 2

1. My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 | Okay. After seeing the second episode I finally feel the old Season 1 spark. I preferred the first season animation by Brain’s Base but Feel does have its own charm, I suppose.  Completely though with the series I felt that spark again of falling in love with it, thanks, to the voice acting cast. The lead cast truly are some great young voice actors. You do feel their societal struggles. It comes across in the anime.

There is also that introspective side to the series as always. Along with the hilarious guy or girl moments that Saika Totsuka inspires. You know. I think him and Hachiman could happen given how much Hachiman tends to blush for adorable Totsuka.

2. Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon? | This series is so adorable. The main character Bell is one of my favorites. His character design coupled with the animation looks so ethereal. In the kind of way that leaves you in awe of an anime character’s beauty. Not that this series is not also proving to be vastly entertaining. Given the positive reception the majority of anime fans are giving the anime. This is perhaps the hottest anime to be watching right now. Though for me this is in second place. I just love My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 a bit more and the blunt nature of relationships it aims to represent.

3. Seraph of the End | Honestly. I am not really enjoying it as much as I would like. I think I am enjoying the manga series way more. It is certainly too early for any individual to make any assumptions about it that is true but I really wish the first episode would have tried to show a little more traumatic impact. Mostly considering, Yuu, the main character goes through a traumatic event very early on in the series and that is what shapes him wanting revenge against the vampires.



Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie anime series [The Huge Anime Fan Ani-Watchlist April 2015

1. Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie  (Fall 2014 Anime Season) | It was cute to the end! The guys were which makes me want to hopefully see some major market for otome visual novel games here in North America from Japan.

2. Tokyo Ghoul A (Winter 2015 Anime Season) | I finished this anime from Winter 2015 first then all the others: Kamisama Kiss 2 and Death Parade. I loved the cinematography like Jikman from Ganbare Anime mentioned. It was a visual anime masterpiece. I think it had a good run. The battles and insert music was most enjoyable. I actually look forward to this anime being released someday in North America in home video. I think I would gladly add this two season anime series to my personal collection of anime have appreciated. But! I would not consider watching future anime continuations due to me strongly thinking it might pull another mirror image ending of both Season 1 and Season 2.

3. Kamisama Kiss 2 (Winter 2015 Anime Season) | Super cute.

4. Death Parade (Winter 2015 Anime Season) | It was a good anime watching experience. While emotional in a good way. I thought in the end it is only just a good anime series. Nothing seriously exceptional.

Anime Planning to Begin

Sakura Trick 2014 anime series

1. Sakura Trick | A yuri anime licensed by Sentai Filmworks that I have had my eye on for some time now.

I will be planning on continuing my efforts at blogging My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2, Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon?, and Seraph of the End but much later beginning with the second week of May. Until then I should still be fairly active on Twitter.


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  1. Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie is on my list to watch looks super adorable hehe XD and Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon I am loving a lot at the moment it’s one of my favorites 🙂


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