Conspicuous Anime Composers in Anime: Yasushi Ishii

Anime Composer Yasushi Ishii

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While some might disagree sometimes being a conspicuous anime composer is never a bad thing in anime. Anime demands that much from an anime soundtrack. It also cannot be ignored that anime is very colorful Entertainment and having some striking music along should ensure anime fans will wholeheartedly remember a particular anime series over another. So without further ado. I give you three of the most essential and conspicuous anime composers in anime beginning with Yasushi Ishii. There will be two more anime composers to be highlighted at a later time.

Darker Than Black Ryusei no Gemini 2009 anime series

Yaushi Ishii is one of those anime composers that really stands out for his alarmingly hard rock sound to his music compositions with deliberate music tones which are occasionally interspersed with quiet vocals. He apparently specializes in experimental, acid, classical, and hard rock. Darker Than Black: Ryusei No Gemini (Season 2 of Darker Than Black) had a lot of the extreme hard rock influence in it. Anime soundtrack tracks that have this special influence: Mouken Keruberosu, Galaxy Train, and Dive into the 9.

While it has been quite a few years since Darker Than Black Season 2 and the ending. I still wanted to sort of acknowledge how much the musical background pieces of the anime influenced me since Darker Than Black was one anime that left me emotionally wrecked like no other anime. It is pretty safe to say that the entirety of the Darker Than Black anime franchise and the music from Season 2 left me haunted after it was gone. I mean really the music pieces of Darker Than Black: Ryusei No Gemini and later Darker Than Black: Gaiden were nothing short of astounding. So nothing else could have been expected given the situation.

Darker Than Black: Ryusei No Gemini Soundtrack

You can sort of sense a playful energy [especially the beginning of Mouken Keruberosu] to the pieces in the Darker Than Black S2 anime soundtrack.

Continuing along with Darker Than Black, Yasushi Ishii, went on to do further work for the soundtrack to Darker Than Black: Gaiden which is a side-story of events between Season 1 and Season 2 of Darker Than Black. It is important to note that Darker Than Black: Gaiden usually gets pinned down as an OVA (original video animation) collection that does not really count as a full-length anime series.

Darker Than Black: Ryusei No Gemini Soundtrack

While I have become familiar with work by other known anime composers like Taku Iwasaki (Noragami, Gatchaman Crowds among other anime) and Hiroyuki Sawano (Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan among other anime). There is still this very detailed and seamless quality to Yasushi Ishii’s music compositions to Darker Than Black S2. At the time of the premiere of Darker Than Black S2 in 2009 it was certainly the best fit for a series like this one that was usually a little on the dark side needing a heavy, hard rock sound. Still that is not what I believe makes Yasuhi Ishii one of the strongest anime composers despite not being active anymore in anime soundtrack composition. What I believe makes his music more powerful is that unlike Taku Iwasaki or Hiroyuki Sawano for each anime related soundtrack they have been in charge of, Yasushi Ishii, has more wonderful music pieces as opposed to Taku Iwasaki who might have four astounding music tracks and Hiroyuki Sawano who might have one astounding track out of a complete anime soundtrack album.

Darker Than Black: Gaiden Soundtrack

Darker Than Black-Can You Fly by Yasushi Ishii

Yasushi Ishii might not have quantity but he does have more quality music compositions. Now if only he could have continued to compose more anime soundtrack music since other than his work on Darker Than Black: Ryuesei No Gemini he only ever worked on the anime soundtrack to Hellsing. All in all merely two anime.

Discover more about Yasushi Ishii: Yasushi Ishii on Lastfm

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