Tokyo Ghoul A (2015) Anime Series Review

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Unsurprisingly I return with my thoughts on the second season of anime, Tokyo Ghoul. It actually surprised me very much considering the first season was very character development driven and Tokyo Ghoul A was not. I came expecting that but instead got a full blown action and adventure anime. Which was not all bad in and of itself. Considering, man, was the animation gorgeously handled for more action orientated scenes. A thing I can appreciate when it comes to anime. Credits go to animation studio Pierrot and character designer Kazuhiro Miwa who was in charge of the appearance of the anime characters.

It was so very enjoyable to see the ghoul mythos explored. Even more enjoyable was to see TK’s Unravel, the opening theme song, of the first season make a re-appearance in a special acoustic version. Which from what I could tell might have used piano, violin cello, and TK’s gentle singing. How sensitive TK can sound knows no bounds, I tell you!

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Still even if Tokyo Ghoul A was more action-orientated in some respects I may have wanted that very thing since the first season with Episode 2. I mean when the Ghouls can be as deadly as they are not having them engage in astounding fighting scenes would be such a waste. Not that Tokyo Ghoul A was all about the action since I did have a great time learning about Ukina the mother of a very dangerous ghoul named Eto.

The weird thing that encountered with Tokyo Ghoul was at the start of the second phase of the anime series I hardly knew Kaneki’s motivation for wanting to leave Anteiku for Aogiri so it was then much easier to see where the series lost some steam which is the character development department. Only toward the end was it much easier to understand his decision though not through him directly but rather other characters who knew him. And his decision was not all that complicated. It will be the ending that gets you which shows that sometimes no matter how hard you try to stop the very thing you want to stop you might still end up losing in the end. As I see it this is not all that ground-breaking when it comes to a story theme or message. Despite that I still liked the anime because it brought to life something new in terms of the mythos of certain beings particularly supernatural beings known as Ghouls which the television series Supernatural has touched upon but never fully explored like this.

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Now overall with regards to Tokyo Ghoul (Season 1) and Tokyo Ghoul A (Season 2). While I found the character development of Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul A rather lacking it was the story and the action battles between humans and ghouls that kept me entertained. I wonder if other anime fans actually truly sympathized with most of the anime characters of Tokyo Ghoul or Tokyo Ghoul A. Mainly because I simply could not. Trying to sympathize with most of the characters proved rather impossible at times and the only instance can recall that I could sympathize and feel for the characters was when it came to Ukina’s story and her unfortunate situation. This is due to the strong story development and even the voice acting rather than the actual characters. I guess you could say I could care less for the characters of Tokyo Ghoul but I was always eager to know what was going to happen next in the complete story.

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Despite the flaw of the Tokyo Ghoul anime franchise in having weak character development when the story and cinematography is so high that really can, in fact, more than make up for that one flaw. After all, Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul A, pass the The Huge Anime Fan blog’s motto: ” Visually aesthetically pleasing animation style, interesting story, some especially nice music compositions that were far better than Season 1, and very good voice acting“. It might not have strong, engaging character development but it has these other qualities that actually compensate for the one flaw of non-engaging characters.

The cover of the Tokyo Ghoul original soundtrack? It seems like it. | Image from TK from Ling Tosite Sigure's Official Facebook Page

I actually thought that of all the anime watched from Winter 2015, Tokyo Ghoul A, was THE ANIME of the early year that stood out the most. Being the overly selective anime watcher that I am I had only been following two other anime for Winter 2015 that were Kamisama Kiss 2 and Death Parade. They all turned out good but somehow Death Parade was not to be what I thought it could be when I think an anime masterpiece but it was still very enjoy worthy. Tokyo Ghoul A just flew past all the other anime. With Kamisama Kiss 2 winning second place in my book. While Death Parade fell into third place.

So, with that in mind, whenever Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul A appears in North America I am certain I will be picking it up on home video. It deserves that consideration and place as a memento of a precious moment of my anime watching time.

Well those were my thoughts. I will still aim for a full series anime review for both Kamisama Kiss 2 and Death Parade but of the two it will be Kamisama Kiss 2 that gets higher priority.

Recommendation Level: Phenomenal anime seriesVery Highly Recommended.

* Tokyo Ghoul Rated on AnimePlanet 9/10 and Hummingbird 4.5 *

*Tokyo Ghoul A Rated on AnimePlanet 9/10 and Hummingbird 4.5*

Note: While I enjoy reading manga, light novels, and full-length books I am very selective with the manga series I read. The Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul A anime series together were for all accounts anime masterpieces in my book, so I feel content with not reading the manga series.

Recommendation Tiers

Tokyo Ghoul A (12 episodes)

Genre: Horror, Psychological, Action

Tokyo Ghoul A 2015 anime series

Sadly. No!

So-So. Probably should be passed up.

Good anime series. Well recommended.

Phenomenal anime series. Very Highly Recommended.

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    • You should! I think there are some people who believe it may have sucked but I am actually a little lost on that train of thought. I saw everything and believe if you’re not being overly critical it was a very good time investment.


        • Yeah. It makes me sad to see that type of behavior. Since it can actually make anime fans who haven’t seen an anime want to not watch. It makes everyone think it wouldn’t be worth the time. You’re basically scaring away the anime fans.


  1. This anime is so good, I loved the first season, and now root A is also soooooo good! I really can’t wait for the next third season, the last episode slightly introduced it. It should be so good to see it back!


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