Me: The Modern Anime Fan with a Discerning Taste in Anime

The Modern Anime Fan with a Discerning Taste in Anime

Image © Kyoto Animation. Source: GoBiano Image: Pretty sure, Hyouka. An anime have not seen but would love to if it were available for streaming in North America.

Anime Fan with Discerning Taste

Picky, elitist, hipster, or just a pain; people approach you with caution when talking about anime. You do not see that as a bad thing though, because you know what your tastes are and you are not going to waste your time watching Rio Rainbow Gate! when you know you will hate it. Due to your picky tastes though, if you really like a show, your friends will know that it is good.-GoBiano

The Modern Anime Fan

Sure, you can appreciate the retro stuff, but you would rather watch modern anime. Maybe you prefer the art style, the storytelling, or the fact that modern anime tend to be placed in a real-world type setting.-GoBiano

I think it is no secret that I tend to be a picky anime watcher. This goes for manga perhaps even more but it is undeniable when it comes to anime. I wont just watch an anime no matter how heavily it is promoted or lauded by other anime fans unless I solely find it attractive and interesting. Still if I think it wont be to my tastes I wont watch it.

Looking through GoBiano’s site and their article of What Type of Anime Fan Are YouI realized this is what I am when it comes to me being an anime fan.

I guess I am not exactly only looking for anime with potential as the blog will have you believe but rather anime that is extraordinary, phenomenal, once in a lifetime. You know the ones. The ones that go beyond merely good. Something that does not come out often. Anime that is unusual. Also while I enjoy retro anime or older anime I appreciate modern anime more due to the better-looking animation and more modern world settings of newer anime.

This inevitably would cause a bias. Primarily since I would never give anime series like Love Live!, Gurren Lagann, Kill La Kill, Akame ga Kill!, or Ping Pong: The Animation a chance since the way they look is not something I find visually pleasing.

Still that does not mean that just because an anime has become overly popular would there be no highlighting of that anime. It merely means I am choosing to be picky with anime coverage on the blog. No more, no less.

9 thoughts on “Me: The Modern Anime Fan with a Discerning Taste in Anime

  1. I feel you, and being picky isn’t a bad thing at all. I also judged Kill la Kill, but In all honesty, found myself having a lot of fun with it. Love the picture even though I haven’t seen Hyouka yet! Great post ~


    • I hear you 🙂 I have heard that does happen to Kill La Kill a lot. I’m sorry if I can’t like or want to see that series but I can’t force myself to find it visually alluring. Oh, well, you cannot watch all the anime out there anyway. Thanks for reading. I kind of wanted to let others know the perspective behind the blog. In case anyone was wondering 🙂

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      • Don’t apologize LOL I couldn’t watch the 1995 Neon Genesis Evangelion’s animation without cringing several times! I love beautiful animation – it’s probably the main reason I watch anime! (but Kill la Kill, man, I love it hehe)

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  2. I am very picky with anime myself haha lol so I’ll only review ones I love and have watched over and over.


    • Ha, Ha, I think that happens more often than not with followers of anime. In my case, take that into full-blown territory. Perfect example, I just happened to drop the Seraph of the End anime. So out of all the anime going on this Spring season currently only watching about two anime now. Eh, not bad, since I do tend to get rather busy.

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      • I am watching about 4 at the moment because those are the ones I had picked to watch out of the spring anime season. lol there is nothing wrong with being picky ^^


        • Yeah. There is nothing really wrong with it per se. It does make it harder to find anime to watch though since being selective means you would not settle for anime like Bleach or Naruto. You’re looking for the unconventional or extraordinary within anime.

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  3. OMG! that list was hilarious! I think I’m a weeaboo sometimes also a manga lover, retro-modern fan,japanese gamer although there are times I could be quite picky lol so cray!


    • Yeah. The whole list was both entertaining and spot on. Describing things perfectly. Though I notice most fans fall under a combination of the many categories listed on the list. Thanks for stopping by Kim. I am pretty excited to see more of you when I can. I love your perspective on things.


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