The Huge Anime Fan Ani-Watchlist June 2015

Continuing from the rather incredible Spring 2015 Anime Season for the most part. A lot of changes happened while in mid-season or so. Mostly the dropping off of some anime which was rather unusual for me given once I select certain anime from the anime previews do beforehand then I stick with the chosen anime but one anime was very uninspiring that I could no longer tolerate it. Read on what anime made the cut and what anime did not.

Spring 2015 Ongoing Season

1. My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2

My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected. 2 2015 [Hachiman after the crumbling of his and Yukino's relationship]

Intellectual and introspective anime equals a win in my book no matter the other types of anime available. I probably would have been content with only having seen this anime this Spring 2015 Anime Season. My thoughts are also somewhat captured by Entrav from Entravity with his Oregairu analysis called OreGairu Zoku Episode 8 Analysis – The Turning Point. Where I agree how incredible this slice of life anime is and its relevancy to our everyday society. The type of anime that is not over once you watch but continues to be ever pronounced in our everyday social relationships. Truly an anime that will not be forgotten.

2. Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon? | All I need to say is I can see why this anime is popular. The popularity is warranted in this case. Extraordinary animation by one of my personal favorite animation studios: J.C. Staff. Who will soon be having a hand in the Prison School anime. Yay! Also the voice acting, story, and even character development have all as a complete whole been progressing perfectly.


1. Seraph of the End (Spring 2015 Anime Season and Fall 2015 Anime Season)

Seraph of the End anime series-An older Yuu [First Look at The Anime]

This is the anime that I dropped. Look I am very surprised by its ongoing popularity right now. A series like this truly should have been great and should have gone all out based on how much it was being pushed to anime fans at the beginning of the season with having animation studio WIT Studio (Attack on Titan) and anime composer, Hiroyuki Sawano, (Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan) behind the anime but it hasn’t panned out. Trying to forgive the anime series is the only mistake. I watched until episode 4 which is where I dropped the series finally. Uninspiring animation, uninspiring music (I was actually looking forward to the music), and uninspiring story are the worst. I’m still set since I would be picking up the physical manga volumes of Seraph of the End anyway. The manga is way more interesting on the whole rather than the boring anime adaptation.

Anime in Progress

1. Sakura Trick (Winter 2014 Anime Season)

Sakura Truck ED theme image 1

That is about all the adventures and misadventures have had with some of the anime for Spring 2015. While I am sad that something like that had to happen with Seraph of the End. Still I am optimistic that perhaps other anime fans become interested enough in the anime so that somehow that interest turns into interest in the manga series. Which in my opinion, the manga is the much better version of the two with better pacing and beautiful, graceful artwork.


5 thoughts on “The Huge Anime Fan Ani-Watchlist June 2015

  1. My Teen Romcom season 2 is outstanding. I loved the first one and was worried that with the change in direction some of the magic that created a nice mix of drama and comedy would be lost and things have changed… The comedy has been toned down and the drama has been allowed to breathe. It is so powerful it can be unbearable at times as it captures how fragile friendships and egos can be and all of the volatile emotions that one feels in high school. It’s such a striking series in drama terms that I have come to care about the characters rather deeply.


    • Everything has been utterly amazing. I was worried myself considering the animation was a tad unattractive to me at the beginning of the second season but after a time you get used to the animation. Particularly when the overly uber expressive hand motions come in! Hilarious!


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