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Aniblogging Escapades: A blog series continuation of sorts from Tips on Aniblogging | The Newcomer Edition seen previously on the blog. Where as an aniblogger, I, will aim to give helpful tips on anime and manga blogging or recounts of things notice while aniblogging. If you’re an aniblogger yourself maybe you will stick with the blog series and find this helpful yourself or if you’re a new aniblogger just starting out this could yet be of benefit. Either way, enjoy! They go up on Wednesdays.

For a new beginning aniblogger or even an old one there are such things as pressures in aniblogging. It becomes easier to handle the stress of blogging about anime over the course of developing the skill to blog consistently but there is always an ever constant stress in trying to keep up with watching habits and later the process of blogging anime. Aniblogging is basically at times (not all but sometimes) turning leisure into work. This is especially true when you’re hit with the overwhelming sense of dread from having watched a fantastic anime episode and then you can’t even come up with an equal piece of fantastic for your blog. Considering watching anime has always been a rather personal experience, seen like that, episodic aniblogging really was always truly outdated. It really does not add much since from my view other than first looks to pique other people’s interest for a certain anime. More aniblogging seems rather pointless.

Not to mention the biggest trouble with episodic anime reviewing: how to come up with something that adds to enrich another anime fan’s experience through basically one episode shots. It is pretty difficult no matter how you look at it. Sure it can be done but sometimes not competently.

Still I am not here to talk about how episodic aniblogging has become in some ways, notice I do not say all, but in most ways obsolete. Plus, I am not here to waste your time. As a true anime enthusiast you probably already knew that. Rather, I am here to talk about how episodic aniblogging is still an essential part of an anime blog. I mean believe it or not episodic aniblogging can actually force anime fans to see that a particular current airing/simulcasting anime is worthy of attention. This is very important because some truly fantastic anime can, in fact, slip the notice of anime fans especially when there are some top popular anime being the center of talk by most anime fans. That in my opinion do not really deserve to be aniblogged all that much given the level of attention they already enjoy.

Thus seen in that way episodic aniblogging does have a place as a form of interaction with anime enthusiasts and perhaps that is worth all the brain hurt and pensive thinking needed for those episodic anime reviews. Not to mention working tight deadlines to get those episode anime reviews live before an anime season is over. It might not be as important as a few years back but it is still key when some anime fans might realize that the more popular anime are just not doing it for them. In that case, anibloggers can begin or continue episodic aniblogging for more obscure anime titles. Thus continually renewing interest in anime.

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  1. I could never do episodic aniblogging simply because I could never keep up and I would literally say the same things over and over again. And I totally agree: the only reason to read episodic reviews would be to mark the progression of simulcasts throughout the season, if someone really even needed to do that. You’re right. It’s obsolete, but nevertheless a big part of the aniblogger community. And hey, if reviewers enjoy that kinda thing, more power to ya! I just can’t keep up.


    • Hey, Takuto
      Yeah. Episodic aniblogging is tough. Sometimes I lose a lot of sleep trying to keep up which makes me want to quit but then I think maybe it could be useful for someone who comes across the blog.

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  2. I think the main problem with episodic aniblogging is that most blog posts turn into a re-telling of the episode, which if you are reading the post itself, you’ve probably already watched it. I’ve read a few posts that are simply block of texts describing every single scene, step, or action from an episode. I can only wonder how much time it would take to write that up.

    A few select individuals are rather clever with their episodic rundowns though, and they can be enjoyable to read. But as you said, it depends on the anime they’re watching. Like you said, reading obscure episode rundowns/reviews can be funny, but the average anime is not that interesting episode by episode. Only truly great or awful shows are interesting to read about on an episodic basis.

    Personally, I think episodic posts should add something to the episode itself. Commenting on interesting twists, character development or lack of, and the overall quality of the anime are welcome, as long as the writer adds their opinion in a flavoured way, rather than summing up the episode itself.

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  3. There’s definitely a ton of pressure to keep up with episodic blogging once you’ve started! While some series do generate quite a bit of discussion value on an episodic basis, there are also a vast amount of series where you run out of things to talk about.

    There have been quite a few series that I’ve done episodic posts for and really regretted (oh boy Black Bullet…) since I had absolutely no discussion worthy points, and had to continue posting recaps since I refused to quit what I had started!

    At times though, I do find writing up an episodic ‘review’ can be a great way to look into your thoughts on an episode, and even be used as a way to force yourself to form an opinion on something (better to have an opinion than to not have one at all!)

    Aside from that, there are a couple other reasons that I continue to keep up with episodic blogging. One being that I like to express my thoughts on an episode while it’s still fresh in my mind, rather than watch an entire series and then figure out a way to express my feelings since a lot can change over the course of the season. I could miss out mentioning a lot of the smaller details that really caught my eye because I’d have to generalize the entire series at the end.

    I also noticed that there are quite a large number of fans who still search for episodic content (based on analytics & webmaster tools) which can bring a lot of new readers to a site. I guess a lot of fans enjoy seeing what others have to say about the latest episodes and seeing if their opinions align or not.

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    • Hey, Jikman

      Aha, same here. It’s that old once you have started you better finish this project mentality. And one thing you can always use the episodic anime reviews for and I myself do is using the episodic anime reviews as reference points in later creating full anime series reviews. Works every time. Helps to give me ideas on where to begin marking off the most important things that made an anime series successful or not.

      Funny, the blog also shows some of the most popular posts as being episodic anime reviews such as: The Irregular at Magic High School, Tokyo Ghoul, Devils and Realist, Date A Live, and Diabolik Lovers.


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