Continuation of TheHugeAnimeFanPODcast

I have come to a decision. The experiment of anime podcasting that began a while back is going to continue! While I debated with myself if I should continue podcasting since this is a project that I’m sure I can’t keep going for long due to me fearing a lack of interesting ideas. Well, a part of me, still wants to do this more because I find the idea of being an anime podcaster like the guys of ANNCast and the guys on Working for the Mandroid (more like book related podcasting but you get the point) pretty charismatic with their efforts. So why not? I could just do podcasting for the Summer and Winter months.

While I may be unsure of myself in being capable of keeping things interesting I am still willing to mess around with anime podcasting since there could possibly be people that enjoy listening more than actually reading.

Another thing that made me further decide in continuing to do this is that come the Summer 2015 Anime Season there are going to be tons of anime that I have previously previewed that are going to premiere. Anime series that I would rather just talk about through audio rather than write about. It would be a much easier process. While there are limitations to this since only English speakers can be capable of listening that shouldn’t be such a problem because still planning on blogging a few select top anime series, anyway. These anime are the series I believe are the most worthy of attention and because they contain great appeal.

The Summer 2015 Anime Season

With that I apologize to all readers from countries all over in non-English speaking countries. If only audio could translate into various languages like text so everyone could listen. I so wish that were possible but what can you do?

Thanks for reading and I hope some of you will become interested in TheHugeAnimeFanPODcast.

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