My Anime and Music Buying Goals for 2015

Best of Tornado Hyper Tornado Edition Photobook Samples

1. Best of Tornado Hyper Tornado Edition by Ling Tosite Sigure (Price range: $70-80)
I am such an enormous admirer of their work including for their respective solo music projects. I really just want the official music videos of the band and the photobook with photos of TK, 345, and Pierre Nakano. I am so incredibly excited about the photobook! My first musician photobook! It is also going be my first ever Best of Album music release purchase since I hardly ever buy music.

*Update: Just bought the Best of Tornado Hyper Tornado Edition by Ling Tosite Sigure. Can’t wait to get it!*

2. Kingdom of Dreams and Madness DVD (Price: $17)
My intense gratitude to Hayao Miyazaki, of course, influences this soon-to-be purchase.

3. Darker Than Black S2 Anime Classics (FUNimation Entertainment in North America) (Price: $32)

Darker Than Black S2 Classics Line by FUNimation Entertainment

4. Devils and Realist DVD Complete Collection (Price: $28)

Have been meaning to get to this for quite a while but alas money issues over other purchases have derailed me with buying the Sentai Filmworks DVD release.

5. Free! Haru plushie (Price: $14)

My obsession with the Free! anime franchise continues…

Check out the High Speed! Anime Film’s Latest Streamed Teaser

6. Reason by KAmiYU (Hiroshi Kamiya & Miyu Irino) + Hareyon LE by Hiroshi Kamiya (Price: $47-50)

Hareyon LE by Hiroshi Kamiya [mini album]

Some of you interested in anime may know Hiroshi Kamiya as the voice of Captain Levi from Attack on Titan, Yato from Noragami, or even Gareki from Karneval but his singing is a whole different matter! He can truly sing. Any fan of Hiroshi Kamiya should want to immerse themselves into giving his singing a chance. Pretty sure it should not disappoint. My jaw actually dropped on first listen. Hiroshi Kamiya has it all! Alluring voice acting skills and a wonderful sweet singing voice. Who would have thought!?

While I had already seen Darker Than Black S1 by the end of 2009 and also Darker Than Black S2. At that time, I hardly had the type of money to spend on anime as I do now. I guess being 20 years old has its perks. You can buy more of the stuff you want with ease. Not to mention once you hit 21 (which will happen soon for me) you can drink legally! Woohoo for beer!

Anyway. These are my anime and music buying goals. Interestingly enough it does not escape me that most of my music purchasing plans are very influenced by anime. Thanks, Sony and Lantis.

Pierre Nakano with the Best of Tornado Hyper Tornado Edition release

Pierre Nakano showing off the Best of Tornado Hyper Tornado Edition. Photo Credit: TK


6 thoughts on “My Anime and Music Buying Goals for 2015

  1. Go get ’em! Haha! A couple of things I’ve been meaning to pick up include all of Kill la Kill, Sword Art Online II, ALDNOAH.ZERO . . . Great, all Aniplex titles. My wallet will be gasping for air after all of this – if I do chase after them! Ahh, the list of buying seems never ending at times.

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    • 🙂 I don’t usually buy music either. This is something of an irregularity for me but the musician in the band by the name of TK very much deserves it. His music is so creative and even I can admire that. Not that I would buy music for any musician since most of the music I discover I only find merely interesting and not jaw–droppingly impressive.

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