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In inspiration from Froggy-kun’s on “Objective” Reviews and the Importance of Being Earnest
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What differentiates us anibloggers, anime critics, or reviewers from regular anime fans? There is a simple thing that divides us and make no mistake there is a divide among us. Anibloggers are concerned with reviewing anime to get at the truth of what specific main factors made an anime series or anime film good, phenomenal, or bad. Meanwhile regular anime fans are never much into writing or reading anime reviews since for them all that there need be is the deepest pleasure attained from watching anime. And while all well and good, those types of anime fans, are the ones I am not exactly going to listen to when I have a need for some anime recommendations. Since your typical anime fan who is not an aniblogger usually only tells you stuff like “Go watch Soul Eater. It’s amazing!” or “The Devil is a Part-Timer! was terrible. Don’t waste your time on that”. These types of statements truly do not tell you much and all I get from such statements from anime fans is a feeling of being amused by them since I sort of expect them to elaborate in detail. Yet, they never do.

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It’s like asking a guy with different musical tastes than you to try to give you good music recommendations. In this situation, please, someone save me! No, literally. Guys, this is not worth your time when you probably wont like the type of music they like which is why you see the rise of a site like It is a music site like that cleverly matches people to you with similar music tastes or musical compatibility.

This is what separates us anibloggers from regular anime fans. We are usually the types of anime fans that are somewhat critical with our anime. Some more than others among us—overly critical. But nonetheless, we, are the ones that really want to get at the soul of an anime, so to speak. What makes anime tick, you know!

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Still us anibloggers are already in for a world of hurt because no matter what if you are an open-minded aniblogger and hopefully you are one. Then many of us no matter what have a difference of opinion on anime we have seen.

This is due to our divergent cultural differences, family upbringings, political views, religious views if we have them (I don’t, by the way. I am an atheist”) and various other factors.

This gives us room to argue and try to want to quantify what is the underlying truth but who is to say who is more right? Even if so many people in the anime fanbase are in agreement that a series like say Guilty Crown was terrible garbage does that simply disregard the anime series outright or those who loved the series? I would like to think not because no group of individuals’ opinion is better than someone else’s, no matter, how many people see the resolution of a debate based on the “majority” (looking at you: MyAnimeList). That does not make the majority infallibly right. If anything what is right is subjectivity and “objectivity” is everything that is wrong. Opinion is opinion. What we should strive for instead should be empathy for each other and to read truly sincere reviews from our fellow anibloggers to come to our own conclusions based off them.

I mean while we can all agree on the benefits of a set reality it doesn’t mean our reality is seen as such by others. We all have separate mindsets and thus we form a difference of opinion on any given anime. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s human nature. What we can do is remain forever skeptical and to form our own opinions even if with a mild guidance from our predecessor anibloggers because at the end of the day anime reviews are only guidebooks.

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  1. Perfectly relatable to a fellow aniblogger such as myself. Who needs “oh, that’s good” or “avoid it, it sucks” if they can’t even back up the claim with a little something more than a hunch at the end?! Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing it, but don’t expect me to make room if it doesn’t fit the bill with enough description. It’s like ordering “good food” at a restaurant, the not really knowing what that entails, be it soup, salads, a full course chicken meal, or even a burger. Hooray for aniblogging! I’m no critic, but I think I can voice myself well and support with decent effort. Great post as always!

    (and I loved Guilty Crown, even after realizing some of the flaws :D)

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  2. Great post!

    I find that it can be pretty difficult to balance opinions when trying to review a series. On one side, people can go all out with their own opinion and just bash a series or overly praise it since it is supposed to be their opinion. On the other side, a review comes off as being too indecisive because you’re trying to avoid both extremes.

    I personally try to avoid using such strong vocabulary when doing my write ups, and try to focus more on explaining what I enjoyed and what I disliked. I mean, I really enjoyed Guilty Crown and thought the series had some great moments, and some weaker ones, but I wouldn’t be comfortable calling it the greatest series ever, or the worst piece of garbage I’ve ever seen!

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