FUNimation Entertainment Slightly Showcases Tokyo Ghoul Anime Release Artwork

FUNimation Entertainment will be bringing out the first season of Tokyo Ghoul for North America in September 2015 in three editions with a DVD/BD combo release, a limited edition release, and a collector’s edition release.

FUNIMATION on the Tokyo Ghoul Home Video Release

Tokyo Ghoul [First Season=Not Final] by FUNimation Entertainment

Tokyo Ghoul (Not Final) Artwork

A specialty print overlay reveals Kaneki’s hybrid form. Inside the box is the Blu-ray/DVD combo, an exclusive art book, and an additional blood red box filled with other collectible items.

The latest glimpse into the Tokyo Ghoul artwork is not final. Details could yet change but what is known is that the collector’s edition will have an artbook! More on the artbook’s length is unavailable as is most of the other collectibles that will go into the Collector’s Edition. Luckily, pre-order windows are now open for Tokyo Ghoul on the FUNIMATION website. And for any anime fans wanting to save money on the Tokyo Ghoul Collector’s Edition anime release, Robert’s Anime Corner Store, is offering this edition at $76.98 (FUNIMATION’s price, $97.49) for a short period of time.

More Information: The Fandom Post


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