Good Smile Company and Max Factory Launch ‘Orange Rouge’—Brand Dedicated to Male Anime Figures

While let’s face it has never been a real secret that the male anime figure market has been a neglected one, Good Smile Company, in collaboration with Max Factory has finally decided to do something about this problem. With their new brand called Orange Rouge. Orange Rouge will aim to bring more male anime figures in a world overrun by female anime figures.

Good Smile Company’s remarks:

Good Smile Company and Max Factory Present Orange Rouge

Good Smile Company and Max Factory have been taking close notice of the demand and constant rise in popularity for male character products. In order to match the demand for these products, an all new brand dedicated to these male character figures and goods has been established – ORANGE ROUGE.

The brand will include products from the popular Nendoroid action figure series, the highly posable yet beautiful figma series as well as highly detailed and intricate scale figures. Various goods are also planned to be sold under the Orange Rouge name. The strengths of both companies will come together to provide all sorts of products and services for fans to enjoy.

The name ‘ORANGE ROUGE’ comes from the French words for ‘Orange’ and ‘Red’, combining the corporate colors of the Good Smile Company and Max Factory logos.

They have a set lineup for their planned male figure and character product releases but nothing is definitive. For more information: Good Smile Company on Orange Rouge

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2 thoughts on “Good Smile Company and Max Factory Launch ‘Orange Rouge’—Brand Dedicated to Male Anime Figures

  1. As someone who is a huge fan of Nendoroids, this is awesome news. I can’t help but think these will still be marketed toward women though, from what I can tell of the current line up, haha.


    • Hey Carolyn,
      I am sure they will be marketed to women and I think that is the point. I think it is good that Good Smile Company realized women can also demand figures or more specifically male figures so in turn they can produce them and even make more profit from sales.

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