Idea Factory International’s News Flash + Reminder: Amnesia: Memories & Debut at Anime Expo 2015

Amnesia Memories by Idea Factory International [June 2015]

June 23. 2015-The IFFY (Idea Factory International) e-newsletter revealed plans for their first convention debut at Anime Expo on July 3. And for those attending the event there will be some exclusive-convention giveaways in promotion of Amnesia: Memories. A visual novel game called an otome (targeted toward the female market) game that will be available digitally on PSN and Steam in North America on August 25 and in Europe on August 26. It will be available for the PlayStation®Vita and will be compatible with PlayStation®TV.

Idea Factory International to attend Anime Expo 2015

If that wasn’t all there will also be Amnesia cosplayers of Toma, Ukyo, and Orion at AX 2015.

Along with all the reveals, Idea Factory, rolled out a new official IFFY trailer for Amnesia: Memories that you can now get excited over!

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5 thoughts on “Idea Factory International’s News Flash + Reminder: Amnesia: Memories & Debut at Anime Expo 2015

  1. this looks really pretty! one more thing to check out at Expo :3 can you tell me more about visual novels? I’ve heard a bit about them recently but I don’t really know much about them…like, what are they usually played on? or does it vary? and are they just repeats of an anime/manga? At ACEN there was this one guy that lent me his Umineko VN but it was pretty much word for word of the manga (so it was kind of boring for me) lol


    • Some are for major consoles such as the Playstation VIta. Even so this particular game, Amnesia: Memories, will be available on Steam. So that is a Digital downloadable game. It’s like an anime but your basically reading and answering questions posed to you in the game. Sort of like a dating sim for guys but instead for girls. I find that fun since in this case would enjoy the visual novel game for the art style and the music. If I do get this and I am planning to it would be on Steam since I can only see myself affording Digital.

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