The Hot Spots of Interest in Anime and Manga Entertainment Part 2: Where to Buy the Anime & Pop Culture

Previously, I had tenuously highlighted which countries seemed to have the more devoted anime fans. If I missed adding certain countries where some believe there are devoted anime and manga fans then I am sorry. This is all speculation and at best I am trying my best going by the information the blog gives me and years of observation have taken note of through anime communities online and even through personal experience.

Getting back on topic the major countries I feel that Japan and other countries should focus on seriously expanding when it comes to Anime and Manga Entertainment are 14 countries. All of these countries generally seem to have the more devoted anime and manga fans:


North America (United States and Canada)



United Kingdom (England and Ireland)



New Zealand



South American countries primarily Brazil and Argentina

I think of all these the countries with the most advanced and diverse content is Japan and the North America anime/manga market. With that in mind, Japan and North America overall seemed very stable. What should be the focus in this case are countries that are not Japan or North America. Countries like Germany, France, United Kingdom (England and Ireland), Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mexico, and South American countries.

Germany Anime/Manga Industry

Getting information on what online anime streaming services are available in Germany was easy. Before on the blog the services mentioned were Anime On Demand, Viewster, and MyVideo Schweiz. Unfortunately finding online shopping sites for Germany proved non-existent. Still if someone knows of online shopping stores for German anime fans then do let me know. I would love to update this post to reflect that information.

France Anime/Manga Industry

Moving onto France it was difficult to find online stores that carry and sell anime or manga but the usual places could be Amazon France and luckily I found advice from a cosplay blogger who knew of anime and otaku physical shops in Paris, France. Yes, the list, seems limited so if there are any anime/manga fans from France reading, please, do let me know of any other online shopping stores for anime or manga. I can always update this post as necessary. Oh, and one other thing I also found a very interesting article called Manga grows in the heart of Europe that affirms that France is by far the biggest leader in manga interest from all European countries! Nice, France manga fans.

UK Anime/Manga Industry

Next up for the UK. The UK of all the countries besides North America and Japan seems to have more of a developed anime market when you take into account that they have their own up and still active anime companies such as Manga Entertainment and MVM Entertainment.

Manga Entertainment Online Shop | MVM Entertainment Online Shop

In terms of manga that anime and manga fans can obtain that is much easier to answer. Since the UK uses the same language as those residing in North America what can be done is for UK manga fans to turn to The Book Depository or Amazon UK for their manga needs. Importing despite its limitations for home video anime releases could be a problem but could also be done. The only thing is that if UK anime and manga fans do decide to do this then their market in the UK itself likely would not see a growth since the money is being poured into the North America anime or manga market.

Australia/New Zealand Anime/Manga Industry

Hanabee Store-Revolutionary Girl Utena anime

The Australia anime market thankfully is growing much like the UK anime and manga market thus both Australia and New Zealand have various online shopping options! Hanabee, Siren Visual, and Madman Entertainment are leading in anime licensing and distribution for both Australia and New Zealand. Hanabee is the anime company that is distributing anime for not only Australia but also New Zealand. They have an online site and shop. And the shop has started to carry anime figures besides anime.

Meanwhile, Madman Entertainment of them all is releasing not only anime but also manga for the Australia anime and manga market. Their online store reflects that and carries anime and manga.

Still for those looking for ideas on where to specifically buy manga in Australia or New Zealand. In that case, The Nile is a good place for manga and for New Zealand the online store, Mighty Ape. Of course for manga Amazon Australia and The Book Depository could also be utilized.

Indonesia and Philippines Anime/Manga Industry

For Indonesia I could not find any online shopping sites for anime or manga. Meanwhile the Philippines apparently has physical stores that carry anime items through Comic AlleyComic Quest, and Comic Connection. And the only online anime and manga store could find for online shopping for those in the Philippines was anime-manga store. A store that I might add I am unsure how legitimate it is so I cannot recommend. Not that this is surprising since finding any information for online shopping sites for those in Indonesia was scarce to begin with.

Mexico and South America Anime/Manga Industry

More of a focus on Mexico since could not find any information on anime/manga in Brazil or Argentina. Though Tokyo Otaku Mode could be a good replacement considering they ship worldwide

Mexico has more offerings for anime and manga fans to buy from such online stores like: Shop-Mady (anime), Sanborns (manga), gandhi (manga), and Capital 8 (anime and anime figures).

Capitol 8

Capital 8 en Mexico para comprar por el Internet

For more options: Read on this Crunchyroll forum (In Spanish. Use a translator for access.)

Recent News-Amazon recently announced their aim for expansion in Mexico with Thus this can now in the future be a portal to, of course, obtain anime!

Amazon Arrives in Mexico Letter by Jeff Bezos

What has been noted by contemporaries and what might contribute to Mexico having a more sizable anime and manga market is that since manga sort of arrived in Mexico, Mexico anime and manga fans, have met anime and manga with open arms, for the most part. Mexico in general prides themselves in their print industry such as newspapers and comics, so this growth of manga probably increasingly further revived the comic industry. While manga has seen immense popularity among many countries it only makes sense Mexico would take to manga even more with their roots in the comics industry for years. Editorial Vid publishing in particular is a publisher that is nurturing the growth of manga in Mexico.


Now before I close this post. I know some of you are thinking, hey Cassandra, why are you getting all serious about all this anime and manga stuff? Well, guys, it is something to get serious about when you are attracted to anime and manga then you should want to keep anime/manga strong and thriving. And this vision of a strong anime/manga industry be it in Japan or other countries has to be supported by, us, the anime/manga fans financially. If not then how would more stunning, high budget anime be made? Think about in the basic way that everything in life costs money, most especially producing anime.