Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon? (2015) Anime Series Review

Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon Part 1

Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon?-2015 Director: Yoshiki Yamakawa | Animation Studio: J.C. Staff

The anime is a rarity in anime for 2015 that is for sure and the anime could have become one of my favorites if it wasn’t for the final episode riddled with plot holes. For Fantasy or Supernatural series I have stated it before how a series closes is going to make or break a series. In most cases, when I consume anime, the problem, is not usually the issue with plot holes but a lack of good closure (ending in a satisfying manner). In Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon? the opposite happened. This should be noted was something that occurred with Brynhildr in the Darkness. The anime promised so much but then shocked you in containing plot holes that cannot easily be ignored.

What could have made the series a phenomenal (anime) success was that as a whole the animation, the jokes, character development, voice acting, and music all came together to feed upon each other despite the theme of a young adventurer (heroism) seeking to win the admiration of his love interest having been overplayed as a theme with past anime or point blank in Entertainment. Instead Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon? gains against other anime with its vast innovation and ouright hilarity. Or it could have.

Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon? in a Breakdown 

Case #1-Animation
The animation style handled by animation studio J.C. Staff was more than beautiful. Incredibly inspirational! More production staff involved with anime should strive for the animation quality seen in Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon?. Not only was the anime a visual treat but even when action sequences came along the movement of the characters was also savage and exhilarating to watch. Most important for an anime that is Fantasy. Gone was the J.S. Staff of old. Instead in its place was some organic, ethereal animation. Elven styled.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon anime-Bell dumbstruck by Aiz and her beauty Part 2

  • Character Designs: So delicate looking and in general beautiful. Work by: Suzuhito Yasuda

Case #2-The Jokes

In episode 9 of Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon?, Welf Crozzo, is one of the most interesting dynamics of the series since we see how he sort of blatantly is so bold in wanting to have an adventurer of Bell Crane’s stature use his wares. This relationship, amusingly enough, shows how some creators are sometimes more than willing to allow increasingly famous people to use their wares. A symbiotic sponsor and endorser relationship. With a creator gaining more fame and recognition from having someone well-known using their brand. It was quite funny with in how, Welf, one of the secondary characters goes out of his way to try to sponsor Bell and in turn have Bell endorse his weapons. Giving him a chance to someday gain recognition as a blacksmith. And all this shows how a similar situation like this pops up when a famous celebrity endorses say Beats headphones.

Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon Part 1

Bell in imagining his future fortune, in this instance, an anime fan could easily come to the conclusion of mecha. Or, at least, I did. It’s so funny how in this scene Bell looks so much like a mecha pilot character from, for example: Valvrave the Liberator.

The series can naturally and comfortably also poke fun at the characters and their appearances in relation to Dungeon beasts as seen in Episode #10.

Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon, killer bunnies-Part 2

Bell=Red eyed killer bunnies (Al-mi’raj), anyone?

Case #3-Characters

As taken from the joke of the sponsor and endorse relationship, interestingly, enough this aspect built on making the character development stronger. So perhaps the strength of the series is based on the strong, strong character development? Kind of funny since for anime, I, personally love anime with much stronger story narrative but I won’t deny if it works, it works. Adding to the strength of the character development may also be the excellent voice acting performances by the voice actors!

Case #4-Standout Voice Acting Performances

Yoshitsuga Matsuoka wins for most pleasant and hilarious voice actor to voice a character with Bell. Not too far behind is Saori Oonishi with Aiz. Oh, and before I forget Maaya Uchida voicing crum or Liliruca Arde was great to see. Whereas before she voices characters on the bit of the over enthusiastic side (Hajime-Gatchaman Crowds, Hiyori, Noragami) in Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls she goes in a whole different direction for her voice acting performance.

Case #5-Music

It was difficult to particularly say whether or not the music gave more of a satisfying better watching experience. On closer look the animation instances of Bell going off to fight monstrous beasts does give credence to the music being of benefit to the satisfaction of watching the anime. Simply because it does lend these tense moments more of an air of suspense. So, yes, even the music was fantastic. I have to give the anime credit yet again.


Overall, Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon?’s recipe rested in how all the key factors that make an anime thrilling easily work with each other in layers. Undoubtedly making the Fantasy series refreshing to experience. Too bad it somehow threw caution into the wind and somehow gave some unexplainable magical incantations into the story all at the very last minute. This why I cannot recommend this series to anyone much like I would never want to recommend Brynhildr in the Darkness to others or Mekakucity Actors. These anime are riddled with plot holes and they do detract from the experience because they were fantastic until the plot holes came in. I know some complain about Tokyo Ghoul being riddled with plot holes but, at least, Tokyo Ghoul‘s are not as glaring as Danmachi’s. I am saying this as an individual that was (past tense) a huge fan of Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon? and not so much as an anime reviewer.

It’s disheartening and depressing since the anime series was promising so much until this conclusion (Episode #13) came along which transformed the series into a broken promise. And quite frankly I do not know how to feel or perhaps I do: a little depressed. Call me weird but that is how this anime made me feel. I always get super excited for anime and I was totally rooting for this series only for the anime to devolve into something like this. Damn it, Danmachi you could have been fantastic! ~A Season 2, no, please.~

Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon Part 4

Recommendation Level: So-So. Probably should be passed up.

* Danmachi Rated on AnimePlanet 5/10 and Hummingbird 2.5 *

Recommendation Tiers

Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon? (13 episodes) | Other name: Danmachi

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Action/Adventure

Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon 2015 anime series CR version

Sadly. No!

So-So. Probably should be passed up.

Good anime series. Well recommended.

Phenomenal anime series. Very Highly Recommended.


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  1. I like the format for this review. Has it been like this for a while and I’ve just been oblivious as always, or is this set up something new you’re testing out?

    I didn’t want to read this until I finished the anime, which I just got done with episode 13. Just as you say, “Damn it, Dan Machi you could have been fantastic!” What’s up with that ending? The worst part is that, for me, this was looking up to be one of my new favorite anime, and it dodged that bullet to jump off a cliff instead. Great review, and I don’t think I’d stick around for a sequel, either!


    • The format is something new. I actually do not approve of this format that I call the ‘breakdown’ format that a lot of anime reviewers employ: animation, story, voice acting, etc. It is often used randomly by reviewers and the categories used do not always show what worked in a series or not to make it great or not. Yet, the series does not have an original premise in that heroism is not something so new, so this breakdown proved necessary.

      The strength of the series existed in how the comedy and voice acting could be handled. It also helped that the character designs were very adorable to look at. Though when logic fallacies came in and logic was discarded then that cannot be accepted. I do not think logic fallacies or plot holes in any stories are acceptable or what people should ignore. If a series presents some rules and we can reasonably expect a given situation then that is how a Fantasy world is built. This goes to not only anime but books, films, video games, and all other Entertainment.

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