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This is a very crucial thing for any anime watcher and aniblogger with limited time on their hands. I mean let’s face it like Anime News Network points out, we, all have crazy anime backlogs to look forward to constantly. There is so much wonderful anime content waiting to be discovered that I don’t think many of us will ever be able to get to it all in our lifetimes. To that I cry!

For a 12 episode anime series dropping an anime at the 3 or 4 episode marks makes perfect sense. Here is why; your time is precious. No matter what you should be enjoying yourself to the fullest for any episode you watch and if you have to watch an anime series until it takes off you should be aware there are anime that are capable of being entertaining from the very beginning to their last. So why suffer through it? It is perfectly, OK, this is your time. Drop it if you must. I think many of us get caught up in trying to sympathize with an anime and the staff behind it but at the end of the day, the fault, is with the anime for not impressing you enough.

As for longer anime series many are correct it is unfair to drop a series when it is too long but if we are talking 50 episodes then giving 25 episodes a chance could be key. This goes for old anime since current anime usually get broken up into seasons or 12 episode runs. Not many get a set of 24 episodes to begin with. Now as for Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, One Piece, and Sailor Moon those are anime exceptions. They cannot exactly be dropped if you want to see the overall story but you will have to be willing to stick with investing all your anime watching time on those so much you may have a hard time of ever seeing the seasonal anime that have greater variety to offer. Some that I would argue are even better but are just shorter in length that these well-established anime.

Dropping anime is ideal for 12 episodes at a standard of 3 episodes but even I sometimes give a series a chance at 4 episodes (I’m so naive). Longer series can have a set standard of being watched for half the episode count a series may contain. These are good guidelines but many are entitled to their own ideals on how anime dropping works. All that said what are your thoughts? When do you drop anime be it for a 12 episode series or for a longer series? To add some food for thought, check out, Yokurama‘s thoughts on anime dropping via Youtube. Like him I believe dropping an anime series after one episode is a big no-no, unless, it is so bad then sure why not?

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  1. I confess: I have never dropped an anime series. I sit through everyone I watch, even if I hate it and it’s boring me to tears. I know it’s a complete waste of time, but I am always so hopeful that there’s something good in the end that will make watching it worth it!

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    • There are always reasons. Depends. Sometimes you want to give all anime a chance. I don’t know. There are like so many anime and from them all there can be, ones, good from beginning to end. Plus, anime is like a game of chance. Sure about all anime are good but not all are phenomenal.

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  2. I only have 14 animes I have ever dropped where I got halfway through them and just wasn’t into them or for different reasons I cannot remember all the reasons. apart from that I give all animes a fair shot so I agree too dropping an anime after a first episode is silly because it’s only the first freaking episode hahalol

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  3. I’m kind of weird with dropping, like I’ll drop a show within the first few minutes if I don’t like the art, after the first episode if it’s not catching my attention (though I might come back to it later), and if I’ve gotten to at least 3-4 episodes and the rest is out, chances are I’m watching it. There is this one series that I really liked but because it was too funny I ‘dropped’ it, coming back occasionally but I haven’t been back in a while…lol but I’ve also finished series where I’m like, why did I watch this xD


    • Aha, Crimson! The animation for a series does influence if there would be a possibility where others would continue watching. I know others would say otherwise to not judge a series based on how good or bad the animation is but anime is extremely visual. The fact that it is so visual makes it hard not to judge anime based on its animation. And I would not say you are weird, but rather you are irregular with dropping anime.

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  4. I’m a completionist, so even if a series sucks uber bad, I’ll go ahead and finish it just so say I watched it. I don’t count first episode stops as drops, though, for they seem like a preview for me. I’ve done like 5 or so of those before. If I pass 3 episodes, I have to finish, however regrettable or worthy that might be!

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    • I consider myself a completionist to an extent too. Here is why; I watched Nobunaga the Fool, and Mekakucity Actors. All of this based on my completionist drive. With Black Bullet it was so terribly uninteresting. Dull. Yet, within my boredom I marched on. Though by episode 7, I knew, the anime series was likely going to be horrible throughout. I was gripped by a weird sense of thinking, no, this series cannot be this bad. It is going to get better. I think at this stage it was me being incredulous at how terrible the series was. Though on closer reflection, I may have also been thinking, heh, if Black Bullet turns out to be terrible I can always write a review on how the anime series was terrible. Very true when all anime I have watched I consider either good or phenomenal. So having a variation in my take on an anime would be interesting.

      Very interesting, Takuto,that you do not consider watching one episode and then dropping anime as actually dropping. You see that only as a preview. Never thought of it that way! That actually sounds like a great way to go about tackling anime.

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      • Thanks, or at least my episode one drop theory is how I’ve been doing things so far. And Black Bullet – don’t get me started. I, like you, was also thinking, hey, I could write about how terrible it was, considering that every anime I’ve seen so far I thought was great or better. That’s full of insight coming from another blogger!

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