Yet, Another Interpretation of My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. (Season 1 + Season 2)

Yet, Another Interpretation of SNAFU (Season 1 + Season 2) Part 1

My thoughts on the second season of My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 are as follows. When Hachiman and Yukino feud as stated before, they, did fight because Hachiman had a moment of sympathy for what Hayato’s group were going through, they were invariably going trough troubled social relationships and since they are the “popular” types they obviously have very precarious relationships to balance given the fellow peer attention they receive.

And while Hachiman even from Season 1 has stated he is above caring about social relationships something that he has a kingship with Yukino. With Episode #2 that is tested when to Yukino he willingly helps out on the Ebina case. To Yukino I’m sure that must have hurt to know that her trust on how she saw him was irrevocably broken. I think it is at this point that Yukino realizes that perhaps, Hachiman, does care about what others think about him. More than he has ever let on and that he can be self-conscious about social relationships. This can be shown from his trauma from being rejected early on in middle school by a girl he attempted to confess to called Kaori. This is when you realize Yukino and Hachiman are not the same in personality. Yeah, they are similar but not the same as we may have been led to believe.

With Yukino’s realization Hachiman and Yukino grow estranged. Heck, even Yui. Thankfully, with Iroha coming into the picture she sets off a chain reaction that can have Yukino, Hachiman, and even Yui reconcile back to normal. Thanks to Iroha. Hachiman sees that he cannot continue to simply want to be a loner any longer. And in this moment in the anime, My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2, Episode #8, we see that. Hachiman makes the leap. He basically forces himself to come clean and communicate that he does hope he can be more of a social guy. This is pretty big for Hachiman who has become after all this time a pessimist. And even I was fooled. I have in a past review stated that I thought he was more of a realist but it turned out he was more of a pessimist than I originally thought. With the spectrum going by: optimist, realist, and pessimist. Anyway back to Hachiman, he really let his middle school trauma control his way of thinking all those years until he finds both Yukino and Yui, that is.

The message of My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. /My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2

The evils of conformity are undeniable but with My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 the overlying message is that it is necessary and sometimes you have to give in for those special people you might wish to grow closer to.

While personally as a person who is not all that sociable, I, do see why Hachiman by S2, Episode #8 would want to pursue the real thing with Yukino and Yui. The real thing being relationships that are genuine and without pretenses. That is a very noble thing to pursue especially when you find truly special people in your life that truly make you feel great. And I do believe Hachiman has found just that with Yukino and Yui who are supportive of him. Even a realist like me can see how sound that reasoning is.

Yet, the anime series would not be complete without finally giving Yui Yuigahama a little more spotlight whereas in the past she is given a minimal amount of attention in favor of Hachiman or Yukino, the series, takes a turn.

Yet, Another Interpretation of SNAFU (Season 1 + Season 2) Part 6

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It’s a little embarrassing how Yui is the glue keeping the social dynamic of Hachiman and Yui together. Yui probably knows that too but cannot resign herself to giving Yukino and Hachiman a chance to eventually come together since that will destroy the group (Hachiman, Yui, and Yukino) dynamic. She doesn’t want that either out of a sense of fear of losing both Hachiman or Yukino as friends or maybe out of pure envy. I’m sure, since even Yui can notice the obvious tension among Hachiman and Yukino is more than mere friendship. These conclusions can be reached since cookies or chocolates can be taken as a metaphor as to mean that they are only freely given to those someone holds deep affection for. In this case, Yui for Hachiman. Here is where the anime is laying credence to its name, My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2. This can almost be construed as selfish on Yui’s part but then again all this time those around Yui and maybe even, us, as the audience might have wanted to picture her as the “good girl” when in fact that could be shallow thinking. Everyone has various aspects to themselves and someone like Yui can be more than entitled to being selfish. Thinking otherwise is misinterpreting and not really trying to understand. This can be further be backed over Hachiman and Yukino only recently having begun to actually communicate with Yui. So they could not have really known the real her but rather the illusion they had of her. The superficial her. Still it is important to point out that the current Hachiman (Episode #13) is aware his self deception is not terrible enough for him to kick himself over. Despite him being wrong about Yui’s good girl image, he, realizes that this is all leading to good communication in the process. Going further one can say this is all saying that one can always continue to expand in their self-growth.

That is about everything I gleaned from the anime. It was hard to sort everything out but that is certainly what, I, personally got out of the anime. An anime series I am incredibly thankful to TBS for continuing on from the first season.

By the way, I also went around reading some interesting interpretations of My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 from Anime News Network and Entravity. Of them both my favorite was perhaps Entrav’s. Though I do not agree completely with either, I, do see the reasoning behind the interpretations.

Now before I close the post I would like to mention that this series needs a Season 3 because while it is one of the few anime without horrendous plot holes or logic fallacies it lacks a further look into the hardships faced by Yukino in connection to her family life. And something tells me that Yukino being distant in social relationships stems from her family issues as opposed to Hachiman’s over fellow peer clashes. This, of course, is just me psychoanalyzing Yukino.

In Memory of Hachiman

Yet, Another Interpretation of SNAFU (Season 1 + Season 2) Part 7

Maybe the present time is the best time. Recalling the past dredges up regrets that make me want to die, and when I think of the future, the anxiety just makes me depressed. By process of elimination, you could say right now is my happiest time.Hachiman Hikigaya

Note: Like all interpretations they must not be given too much weight since interpretations are influenced right out of an author’s self. Furthermore, I applied a use of psychoanalysis and went by the facts presented only from the anime franchise. When it comes to interpretations in anime I try to pull from an anime as much as I can. Still I wanted to do this SNAFU interpretation precisely because the series got so psychological on us. Not that the anime franchise wasn’t a pleasure!