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Phew! Spring 2015 seemed to be the anime season with the least delectable-looking anime. This became more apparent as the season wore on. As some of you may know while I initially set off on my anime watching schedule to watch 3 anime series for the Spring 2015 anime season that ended up changing into 2. In other words, the Spring 2015 Anime Season like the Winter 2015 Anime Season turned out to be quite sparse. Making me develop a theory that all the good and bountiful anime will be for the Summer and Fall 2015 Anime season instead.

Before the Summer and Fall 2015 Anime Season comes fully around let me share my picks of Spring 2015 anime series that made an impression on me as a huge anime fan. I’ll have to give a fair warning: the list is very small, unfortunately.

Spring 2015 Anime Season Picks-The Huge Anime Fan

My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2

My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 2015 anime series

I am blown away by how strong the story of this series is. This series can get downright Psychological and for me that is something I always love to get lost in when it comes to anime. Not to mention the series actually tackles social issues and the sad social pressures of our society. All in a very amusing way. You can read more of my thoughts on the anime: My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 (2015) Anime Series Review

When the second season was announced much like when the second season of Noragami was announced I was extremely shocked. I am glad I got to see the second season. More than that, I would gladly watch more anime season continuations of this anime franchise whenever they may be.

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Well those were my anime series picks. Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to also check out the Spring 2015 anime picks from Takuto at Takuto’s Anime Cafe and Trystan from Let’s Talk Anime.

6 thoughts on “TCTX Aniblogger Club: Spring 2015 Anime Picks

  1. You’ve heaped a lot of praise on this series which has made me really interested. Maybe when I’ve finished a few more series I’ll pick it up. I was wondering though: now that you’ve seen both season which art style did you end up liking better (since I know it changed studios)?


    • The first season’s animation style. The second season’s animation (Feel) could seem way too into slow motion. Kind of unruly but I surprisingly got used to the more realism animation of season 2 as the series wore on. Still my preference remains for Season 1’s animation handled by Brain’s Base.

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      • Cool. Thanks for the answer! I know a lot of people were mixed on the art so, some people really liked it while others wished for the first season, so it’s interesting to hear from you what you thought.


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