The State of Things on The Huge Anime Fan-July 14. 2015

Aniblogging for the Summer 2015 Anime Season on closer inspection will have to not be my top priority for the Summer. To be truthful. I have sort of lost my interest for anime and I am not exactly all that keen on aniblogging these days. So it goes without saying I wont be anime podcasting either. I just do not have the time and with the Season 2 return of The Strain on FX that is yet another reason my attention is being retained.

The Strain Season 2 at 10 PM on FX

Anime is not the only interest I have. I have always actually been into Pop Culture like crazy from The Walking Dead to Bates Motel.

With the return of The Strain this Summer I sort of have to re-evaluate my priorities. Meaning I wont have time to be aniblogging. Still this doesn’t mean I will be going on indefinite hiatus like I did on Book & Movie Dimension a Blog. It only means, I am probably only going to be blogging minimally on anime. They will also have to be phenomenal anime for me to even go out of my way to blog about. And, of course, I will continue to do more blogging surrounding rock band Ling Tosite Sigure and genius composer TK.


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