Ninja Slayer from Animation to use TK’s Fantastic Magic

The latest news from Ling Tosite Sigure Official Twitter has announced that there has been a decision for TK’s Fantastic Magic taken from TK’s second album to be used for the ending theme song of Episode 15 of the Ninja Slayer anime series.

TK from Ling Tosite Sigure profiled

Apparently, the Ninja Slayer anime has attracted attention for streaming before an actual TV broadcast in Japan that is planned for 2016. Not only that but the anime series has allowed a rotation of music artists to be showcased through the ending theme spots unlike some other anime.

Ninja Slayer From Animation anime series

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Tokyo Otaku Mode

Ninja Slayer from Animation Website

For More Information: Anime “Ninsure” the fifteenth episode ED drizzle with TK from dignifiedNatalie

*Use an online translator on Natalie. The website is in Japanese.*

Follow Updates: Ninja Slayer from Animation on Twitter | Ling Tosite Sigure Official Twitter

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  1. i can’t help but compare his voice to the vocalist of Maroon 5 lol Oooo, that’s really neat! does that mean each episode has a different ending theme?


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