An Encyclopedia of Common Anime Slang: Part 1

Bleach is considered a Shounen anime

The popular Common Anime Slang Encyclopedia Part 2! Now available.

Shounen: Anime or manga aimed at boys or the supposed “manly” man anime.

Shoujo: Anime or manga aimed at girls or the “womanly” anime or manga.

OP: Opening theme song, Intro, Opening song

ED: Ending Theme Song, Outro, Ending song

My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected. 2 OP

Moe: Basically anything having to do with anime or manga that is cute. Be it an anime character, inanimate object, etc. Most fans will use it to signify that something is cute.

Kawai: To simply mean ‘cute’. You know adorable.

Plot: Does not mean story plot but that has so much sexual appeal that it might lack any actual story plot. Kind of hilarious in its irony if you ask me.

Maoyu anime has PLOT meme GIF

A good example would be the anime, Maoyu. It can be hilarious when anime fans say the anime has “plot”. To be fair, Maoyu, does in fact have plot of the story kind and of the sexier type. So two wins.

Harem: Sexual appeal from the many female anime characters within an anime series. Usually these anime or manga have various attractive female anime characters vying for the attention of one male lead character.

Fanservice: Sexual appeal taken to the extreme or simply seeing a lot of sexiness in anime or manga.

Maoyu's Maou reveals her demon mark GIF

BL: Boys Love

Yaoi: Men who love men interactions in a work of anime or manga.

Love Yaoi GIF

Shonen-ai: A lighter version of BL.

Josei: Anime or manga aimed at ladies or young women.

Cuteness Overload: When anime fans find something utterly cute in anime.

Cuteness Overload within anime fandom meme


These are some of the more basic anime terms thrown around by anime fans and believe me there are more. Anime Fans always come up with vast amounts of ways to cleverly express themselves. Do you know any others? Let me know since I am already working on more parts to this special blog series for the blog.

6 thoughts on “An Encyclopedia of Common Anime Slang: Part 1

  1. Yup, Maoyu is full of excellent plot :3

    Some other terms would be: Shoujo-ai, Yuri, OVA, Omake, Meganekko, Seinen, Seiyu, Tsundere, Yandere, Yamato nadeshiko, Yankii, Zettai Ryoiki. There are a few more, but I’ll stop at there for now, lol.

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  2. You know it, gotta get that Maoyu plot a good ol’ examining sometimes.
    You can add the “dere’s” because I always mix them up. Also, there are common character or plot tropes if you ever need more depth.
    Funny but true post! 🙂


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