Conspicuous Anime Composers in Anime: Hiroyuki Sawano

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Part 2 of Conspicuous Anime Composers: Taku Iwasaki

Finally! I close with an anime composer that is newer to the anime composing scene though no less brilliant, Hiroyuki Sawano. For one he is a composer I cannot really tell you much about. I have only seen his work for three anime series. The first one being Guilty Crown (2011). The second one being Attack on Titan (2013). The third one which I eventually dropped is Seraph of the End (2015).

Despite me only seeing a few anime where he has had music composition duties I can safely say he has great, great talent much like Yasushi Ishii or Taku Iwasaki.

Guilty Crown (2011)

Bios is a music composition that has this rather antiquated feel yet you can easily notice it is very modern at the same time. From the slow rush of the music to the often times explosive musical background, Bios (featuring Mika Kobayashi, is exceptional but then we have the singing! Singing that is undoubtedly not something you hear every day of your life. While this one track of the anime series Guilty Crown could just as well make Hiroyuki Sawano an anime composer to watch, he still continued to impress with a few more music compositions. Those are: Void, GHQ, Krone, Hill of Sorrow (featuring mpi), Apocalypse, Alpha, Ready to Go (featuring David Whitaker), friends (featuring mpi), Omega, and Genesis which reminds me of Attack on Titan’s original soundtrack. With good reason! You can listen to more Guilty Crown tracks: CDJapan

Now for Attack on Titan! I’m sure this is a pretty well-known anime series by now. Needless to say, this anime is not just a marvel in terms of animation but also the music composition by none other than Hiroyuki Sawano! The one track that forever stays with me being Attack on Titan. Other noteworthy starting points of the Attack on Titan original soundtrack are: Reluctant Heroes, Rittai Kidou, and Army Attack. You can check out other Attack on Titan tracks off of CDJapan.

Yet, Hiroyuki Sawano’s creativity is not as impeccable as one might believe. While these past anime works I brought up have some of his best work recently for Spring 2015, one of the main reasons, I eventually dropped the Seraph of the End anime series was on account of Hiroyuki Sawano not seeming to give it his all to composing the background music. I can at least congratulate him for a good job on X.U. the opening theme song of Seraph of the End but other music pieces were not all that astounding.

Anime Composer, Hiroyuki Sawano

Hiroyuki Sawano (澤野弘之; born 12 Sep 1980) is a Japanese composer. A student of Nobuchika Tsuboi (坪井伸親). He is part of the group Legendoor. He was first recognized after completing the soundtrack for the drama ‘Iryu~Team Medical Dragon’. He composes for dramas, movies, and anime series. On July 15th 2009, he released his first original album entitled ‘musica’ biography

Hiroyuki Sawano is the type of anime composer you cannot really measure as of yet but perhaps more years of him anime composing can remedy this. I’m sure of it especially if the marvels of Guilty Crown or Attack on Titan are anything to go by.


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  1. Bios is pretty darn good, but to me, Sawano’s best works come from Kill la Kill. I’m kinda relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one unsatisfied with his work in Seraph of the End, however. And that’s such a shame though, as the main reason I stuck around for that show was because he composed the music. We can only hope that it was just a phase, and that whatever he puts out next for soundtracks blows us away like he did with shows about guilty genes, titans, and clothing massacres:D

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