Announcement: I started a New Anime/Manga Giveaway Directory on Blogger

Hi, guys!

Devils and Realist Manga Giveaway [North America and the UK]

Devils and Realist Volume 1 by Madoka Takadono and Utako Yukihiro

It has come to my attention while promoting my manga giveaway for Devils and Realist that the anime/manga blogging blogosphere is very decentralized. There is no real anime blog directory that has the most updated information about anime blogs. Well, there are a few but those with names like aniblog feeder and such are irrelevant with the anime blogs or websites they promote. Some of those anime or manga blogs aren’t even updated anymore by the owners!

With that in mind, I began a blog that will not really be a blog so much as an anime/manga blog giveaway directory of sorts. I’ll be curating various around the web giveaways for things that might interest anime/manga fans. If you ever need to promote your giveaway feel free to check out The Anime and Manga Giveaways Blog directory. You can always find a way to message me via my Gravatar Profile which contains my email. When you do, don’t forget to include the giveaway’s title, country you will ship to, and the giveaway/contest run date. These details are important!

I’ll be updating that site every Monday (USA, EST time) and Friday. In the meantime, guess what? I’m planning something a little different on the blog this coming Friday, a new segment! Hopefully that will be interesting.

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