Geekcultured 2015 Fall Giveaway Blog Hop

Geekcultured 2015 Fall Giveaway Blog Hop logo

With the coming of the colder weather comes my favorite season, Fall (think Halloween too). With that in mind I’m planning to coordinate my next blog giveaway alongside a blog hop. For those of you who may be new to blog hops these are a great way to promote whatever you are potentially giving away, connect with other bloggers, or to outright promote your blog. I’m doing the first. I want to have as many eyes as possible on the next blog giveaway I’m planning. I’m after all giving away something that is music related that I hold quite dear. To read more about the power of blog hops: What is a Blog Hop Anyway?-Blogaholic

What is the Geekcultured Fall Giveaway Blog Hop?

I decided to make this blog hop specifically because unfortunately there is no running blog hop with an emphasis on Geek Culture like anime, manga, light novels, gamer related stuff, and or books all in one.

The Rules

I want to keep things simple. You can create various ways to enter your blog giveaways for the Geekcultured 2015 Fall Giveaway Blog Hop but keep to a minimum of 6 possible ways to enter. I don’t want to make things hard, so besides that just add the blog hop logo to your blog when you do post up your giveaway with a link to my blog. That’s all!

What Prizes to Offer

Anime related prizes, manga, books, movies, comics, and anything else you believe might entice your average anime/manga fan. A minimum value of $5 for this giveaway. All I ask is that you keep it to this theme: Geekculture. If you aren’t sure about something. Contact me. My email via my Gravatar Profile.

Close Date for Sign-ups

October 17. 2015. Sign-up by emailing me with the the subject line ‘Geekcultured 2015 Fall Giveaway Blog Hop’. The name of your blog & link to your blog, where you can ship to, and what your goal is with this blog hop. This will be a preliminary sign-up! As the day draws closer for the blog hop on the exact date I will be releasing all the sites who are part of the blog hop along with links to your posts for the Geekcultured 2015 Fall Giveaway Blog Hop. Which means I expect to see that you have written up your Geekcultured 2015 Fall Blog Hop post by October 22. 2015. No later, please, that way I know you are in on the plan.

Geekcultured 2015 Fall Blog Hop Run Date

October 22-October 31. 2015

There have been new revisions made to Geekcultured 2015. Please, don’t forget to read those most up-to-date revisions.