Fall 2015 Anime Preview: Noragami Aragoto, Haikyu!! 2, & Diabolik Lovers 2!

I’m back to do another anime preview! This upcoming Fall 2015 Anime Season I do plan to blog about the latest airing/simulcasting anime from Japan. Though I will only be watching and reviewing some select anime. Those are Noragami Aragoto, Haikyu!! 2, and Diabolik Lovers More, Blood. All sequels and that’s okay because the ones I see that are not sequels do not look all that enticing anyway.

While I wanted to review K: Return of Kings, unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of seeing the K: Missing Kings anime movie, so I cannot faithfully blog the sequel anime series.

The List-Fall 2015

1. Noragami Aragoto (Returning anime season! Season 2 of the Noragami anime series)

Animation Studio: BONES

Noragami Aragoto (2015) anime series

Noragami Aragoto Image Credit: The Fandom Post

Noragami returns! With more Taku Iwasaki music I would hope and deliciously adorable Hiroshi Kamiya voice acting. Man is Hiroshi Kamiya busy! What with a rising in popularity singing career that tops on the Oricon charts and all while continuing his winning streak in anime with more anime sequels.

Noragami Aragoto Promo Video #1

Noragami Aragoto Promo Video #2 w/ OP

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Genre: Supernatural, Comedy, Action

2. Haikyu!! 2 (Returning anime season! Season 2 of Haikyu!!)

Animation Studio: Production I.G.

Haikyu!! 2 Coming October 2015

Not wanting to restate my thoughts yet again. You can read some of my thoughts on Haikyu!! Season 1 live on the blog. Needless to say, Haikyu!! is a must watch for any anime fan. Old or young alike. If you like sports or not.

Genre: Sports, Slice of Life, Comedy

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3. Diabolik Lovers More, Blood (Returning anime season! Season 2 of Diabolik Lovers)

Animation Studio: ZECXS

Diabolik Lovers More Blood (2015) anime series

Image Credit: The Fandom Post

The return of the atypical anime series Diabolik Lovers. Despite the high improbability I still hold out hope that one of the Sakamaki vampire brothers will fall in love with Yui enough to not mistreat her anymore but that is wishful thinking on my part. In any case, excellent Dark anime if you like stuff in the vein of Tokyo Ghoul or any Dark Fantasy anime with a reverse harem angle.

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Promo Video #1

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Promo Video #2

Genre: Reverse Harem, Dark Fantasy

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Those are my picks for Fall 2015 aniblogging. What are yours? Any of these?

You can check a full list of premiering anime for Fall 2015: ANIChart Fall 2015


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  1. I’m waiting for Noragami Aragoto. Also Owari no Seraph and Owarimonogatari.

    But I was interested with One Punch Man, this anime has a good response when the PV launched. Even though I don’t read the manga. 😀

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