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Ling Tosite Sigure’s “es or s”- not a madness

es or s by Ling Tosite Sigure cover artwork

With a drizzle “How” and “static”. It was expressed in the performance not only of madness, mini album now of drizzle is felt. This work that has been recorded at Hansa studio in Berlin, Germany. Sharpness is a characteristic of drizzle’m a as it is … 
I was finished in sound also joined it only’m not kindness and profound feeling. Madness that has been felt from the other hand previously I think is supposed to keep eyes. Playing techniques to make heard in each song Would not you have speak for themselves. Pop can also enjoy the rhythmic drumming that incorporates “Mirror Frustration”. Guitar tapping not imagine from the nostalgic intro “Tornado Mystery” … the best part , including the solo activities of TK, change in the sound representation in the drizzle I saw.Amazlet from Directions in Space
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