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As Jikman commented in the past on the blog, there is truth, in anime fans wanting to read blog reviews on anime so as to check if their opinions align with others. It’s us seeking that connection of experience. Something that somehow comes naturally with anime. Vastly colorful Entertainment. And while full anime series reviews are great, I cannot help, but be more in love with episodic anime reviews of seasonal anime because you can always catch the thrill and passion of your feelings on the latest simulcasting anime. In a way, I only do full anime series reviews as a way to summarize a final verdict of a success or failure of an anime series. Quite frankly I heavily dislike writing (but love reading) full anime series reviews. Full anime series reviews don’t truly capture the excitement or joy one feels as you watch an episode of anime and thus they come too easily to me to write at times.

My personal thoughts aside. I bring you advice on how even if you do not notice it writing episodic, seasonal anime reviews can be a beneficial thing. You can for certain use them as reference points in later creating full anime series reviews. This is pretty efficient since once you have written those seasonal episodic anime reviews you can always go back to checking what you wrote on your blog. The past episodic seasonal anime reviews can give you ideas on marking off the most important things that may or may not make a series phenomenal, average, or bad.


  • Animation
  • Story: setting, messages, and or themes
  • Voice acting
  • Anime Soundtrack
  • OP and ED music
  • Story cohesiveness, story originality, or interest level found within an anime

Thought of this before? If not, it’s definitely a great idea and of benefit. Go you if you are already doing this. Join me next Wednesday for a more interesting aniblogging escapade post. Bye for now.

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