First Look-Diabolik Lovers 2: More, Blood

Diabolik Lovers 2: More, Blood-2015 Director: Risaka Yoshida | Animation Studio: ZECXS

Diabolik Lovers 2: More, Blood begins with the appearance of a duo of mysterious vampires. You cannot really make much of them considering they are not even part of the Mukami vampire brother gang (that appears later on).

Diabolik Lovers 2: More, Blood [image 5 from S2, Episode 1]
  Diabolik Lovers 2: More, Blood [image 6 from S2, Episode 1]Diabolik Lovers 2 More, Blood [image 7 from S2, Episode 1]Diabolik Lovers 2 More, Blood [image 8 from S2, Episode 1]

What I personally liked about the Diabolik Lovers 2 premiere was that we have some serious nods to the mythology surrounding the Garden of Eden and Eve. I mean how can you not notice the obviousness of the Garden of Eden in the premiere!

Diabolik Lovers 2 More, Blood [image 9 from S2, Episode 1]

The production committee of Diabolik Lovers: More, Blood is seriously taking some serious consideration on this and that is nice to see. I kind of love it when those working on anime projects make an attempt to learn the background mythology to the stories they apply to an anime setting. Yet, how this story element will turn out in regard to Yui, one can only guess. The series going by the first episode is pretty good at keeping things in the dark for us.

I have to say as an aniblogger who covered Season 1 the animation production values have gotten even more amazing. Go ZEXCS! Not that they needed improvement in the first place but you can notice it, if you pay close attention to both the OP and ED and even throughout the episode. This really was a great, great return for Diabolik Lovers! I’m curious to know the intentions of the purple haired vampire in the Mukami group and to see how the Garden of Eden myth gets re-formed and shaped. Diabolik Lovers Season 2, Episode 1 +++++.

Diabolik Lovers 2 More, Blood [image 10 from S2, Episode 1]

All photos from the anime gained from Crunchyroll.

OP-Opening Theme Song-Kindan no 666 by Kou Mukami (Ryohei Kimura) and Azusa Mukami (Daisuke Kishio)
ED-Ending Theme Song-nightmare-2 by Yuuki Hayashi


Diabolik Lovers 2: More, Blood

Diabolik Lovers 2: More, Blood 2015 anime series

Diabolik Lovers 2: More, Blood is the continuation of the 2013 anime series, Diabolik Lovers, about a group of vampire brothers who often than not ferociously compete for the blood of a human girl named Yui. Unfortunately, for Yui, the main heroine, this is the source of an endless stream of terror.

Director: Risaka Yoshida

Animation Studio: ZEXCS

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Licensed streaming and home video rights in North America: CrunchyrollSentai Filmworks for Home Video in North America

Available to Watch: Crunchyroll | Simulcast on Sundays 11:15 AM EDT