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In this week’s Aniblogging Escapades chapter I take you through a few simple tricks to use to promote your blog on Twitter.

Twitter has seriously become the place where many voice actors from Japan gather as well as anime companies, so I feel being on there is a definitive must as an aniblogger. Not to mention since Twitter implemented its photo and longer text features it really has become the place to be when having conversations with people who have your similar interests who might start off as strangers but can later become allies. Twitter doesn’t restrict you merely to your real life connections or family. It opens you up to see what others are saying and what is making them excited for a new brand, item, upcoming movie, or event. And while originally Twitter was the hangout for celebrities and companies, this isn’t the case anymore. A lot of bloggers and everyday and interesting people use Twitter like any other interactive portal.

  1. The hashtag is almost synonymous with Twitter.

It is so popular that I even catch people who aren’t on Twitter use it all over the web. Use it. If you and a few other anibloggers rally behind a chosen hashtag term like #Geekcultured2015 this will invariably be easier for you to connect and plan stuff together. Just keep it relevant. You don’t want to overdo it by being that person who over hashtags. 2 hashtags or a maximum of three is good enough.

2. The best thing about Twitter and the reason why it is on my #2 is the visibility your posts will get from the people and sometimes famous celebrities that follow you back on Twitter.

Once certain celebrities follow you back on Twitter then whenever you share posts on there, be assured they will be seeing all your work. What a source of pride!

3. Twitter recently implemented a sleek-looking private message space within your own Twitter. 

This allows you to only talk in privacy to those who follow you back and those you follow back. This is great especially since now you can talk to people you feel comfortable doing so, rather than someone initiating a conversation right at you out of nowhere.

4. Adding links off your Twitter tweets right onto WordPress blog posts has never been easier.

I actually wasn’t aware of when this feature became added but since discovering it. I like it! You can easily embed tweets on [Insert from URL] from say a well-known North America anime company like Sentai Filmworks.

BTW: This embedded tweet is for a giveaway that is going on now. Ends: October 23, 2015. You don’t even need to cosplay or make a cosplay costume. Just vote on your favorite cosplay that the Sentai Filmworks staff is wearing. 

Aniblogging Escapades: A blog series. Where as an aniblogger, I, will aim to give helpful tips on anime and manga blogging or recounts of things notice while aniblogging. If you’re an aniblogger yourself maybe you will stick with the blog series and find this helpful yourself or if you’re a new aniblogger just starting out this could yet be of benefit. Lastly, they go live on the blog on Wednesdays.