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Devils and Realist Tips on Finding Anime or Manga Giveaways x2

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Due to the popularity of Tips on Finding Anime or Manga Giveaways here on the blog I thought it would be a good idea to expand on some more tips for finding anime and manga giveaways.

Broadcasting networks like Twitter and Google +-I’m not sure if some of you are aware or not but on Twitter and Google + you can refine your giveaway searches using hashtags like #mangagiveaway (Twitter) or #animegiveaway (Google +) and come up with some results to giveaways by bloggers and or sites. Blog giveaways are always passed up by the public but if you are smart you have more of a chance of winning them than giveaways sponsored by an anime company like FUNimation Entertainment or a news website like Anime News Network due to how those contests or giveaways get flooded with tons of entrants. Since blog giveaways depend on the discovery of observant readers, blog giveaways, essentially give you more of a chance of winning. Take it from me who has won over $300 worth in Amazon gift cards, book giveaways, and even once an anime giveaway from FUNimation Entertainment in their Date A Live anime promotion contest. While I entered tons more blog giveaways than I won, I do notice that I win more blog giveaways than FUNimation Entertainment contests or Anime News Network giveaways.

More independent run Twitter sites and blogs that frequently run anime/manga giveaways:

The People’s Movies-They are a mostly UK Entertainment website and the neat thing about them is they sometimes have some anime giveaways. Mostly for those in the UK.

UK The Anime Reporter-An anime blog for anime fans in the UK.

Kakkoii Club on Twitter-Kakkoii Club focuses on Japanese modern culture.

Finally, I would like to leave some anime companies and anime news networks that have frequent giveaways in the UK and that some of you may be interested in looking into.

UK Anime Companies

MVM Entertainment

Manga Entertainment

UK Anime News Networks

UK Anime Network

NEO Magazine

That’s about it from me. This closes Aniblogging Escapades until I choose when to restart it again sometime in 2016.

Aniblogging Escapades: A blog series. Where as an aniblogger, I, will aim to give helpful tips on anime and manga blogging or recounts of things notice while aniblogging. If you’re an aniblogger yourself maybe you will stick with the blog series and find this helpful yourself or if you’re a new aniblogger just starting out this could yet be of benefit.


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  1. These are all excellent tips, Cassandra, and I’ll make sure to have my son read your post as well. He’s much more into anime & manga than myself, though roles have been known to become reversed on occasion 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

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