An Encyclopedia of Common Anime Slang: Part 2

OK, well, here we are at the intersection of Part 2 of An Encyclopedia of Common Anime Slang. With the help of Moonlitasteria and Takuto I have put some consideration into including some of the suggestions they put forth. And here they are!

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Yuri: This is anime or manga where the romantic and or relationship of a sexual nature exists between two female characters. From the yuri I have read and seen this usually only ever goes into the realm of kissing but never outright sex. Sadly!

OVA (Original Video Animation): In my anime fan lifetime, I have only ever seen a couple of OVAs because I prefer episodes to the main series that contribute to the actual story but if we are talking about OVAs then apparently Fooly Cooly is considered that. An OVA series, despite me thinking of that series as a full length anime series. But to be serious, an OVA just means extra story to the original anime/manga series. It is used as a way when done correctly to add to the story’s background. In not so good cases, the OVAs could just as easily follow no whatsoever connection to the story except maybe having the same characters from the original full length anime series. But not always since there are some animation series that are in fact new, original works.

Fooly Cooly [FLCL]

Fooly Cooly [FLCL]

Tsundere: Funnily enough while watching Qwaser of Stigmata I came across this term unwittingly. The main character, Sasha, is what everyone calls a tsundere. He seriously is the model picture of what this word means. Essentially being outright aggressive and petulant but inside and at times capable of tenderness.

Kakkoii: This term made this list primarily because while I had already known the term existed, it didn’t pop into my mind until after seeing Kakkoii Club on Twitter title themselves as such. But, yeah, Kakkoii means cool. Don’t ask me why but these are basically the norms of the anime and manga fandom community. So Kakkoii Club essentially means Cool Club. Which is pretty darn funny!

J-Pop (Pop music from Japan essentially): While I have been watching and reading anime and manga for years, I didn’t actually know about the term J-Pop and J-Rock until after quite a few years into watching anime. Mostly since after I reached my adolescent years my mental faculties, of course, matured enough to take notice of the distinctions between music. Particularly when in 2008 I came across bands like Buck-Tick (Visual Kei, JRock band), Flow (JRock band), the now defunct Stereopony (Yes, a JPop band), and Jinn (a JRock band with a female lead singer with a very unique harsh singing voice). It was through these bands that I was hit in 2008 and 2009 with a clarity that not only were there people creating some amazing anime but some great musicians from way over in Japan were creating some amazing, all-new music.

J-Rock (Rock music from Japan): Well Rock that is essentially of course within the whole of Rock music with the only difference being that JRock music is sung in the Japanese language. And in my opinion, JRock is the best even against JPop music. But of course that is just my opinion. Different tastes for different people, I’m sure.


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