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Recently as a close observer of the latest news of what is always going on with the North America anime companies I came across news about FUNimation’s plans to unveil a new website and let me explain what this means for us here in North America and wait…soon for those in the UK!

It’s big, guys, and if you didn’t believe this was big news, then here is why it is. From what can be gathered FUNimation may not be really be revamping anything visually, but they will be equipping us with a site that is much more mobile friendly on Mobile friendly means no more struggles in attempts to access FUNimation anime through tablets or other mobile devices like smartphones. Something that is very important considering everyone nowadays is on their tablet and or phone. Fast, convenient access is everything!

Right! The whole mobile friendly thing will be key here. This includes Kindle apps available for the Amazon Fire tablets, Fire TVs, Apple apps, and Android apps.

Furthermore, FUNimation Entertainment is planning to expand their services to the UK. A move that is greatly relieving for me to hear considering how long the UK has been ignored all these years [something I wrote about in the past]. Which makes no sense at all because those in the UK are very much our English-speaking counterparts.

Viewster's OMAKASE

Naruto figure found in a Viewster OMAKASE subscription box. Viewster OMAKASE services offered to those in the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

The only thing is it does mean competition for Viewster, a new up and coming UK anime streaming service, that I have been closely observing because they have quite the idea to bundle their anime streaming services with collectible subscription boxes. An idea that is quite exciting. Still I reason the competition is not all bad, this could potentially increase interest in working to build more successful anime streaming platforms in the UK and perhaps eventually in Spanish-speaking countries. Some day. You have to start somewhere and this is a start.

Learn more about FUNIMATIONNow: FUNimation’s Official blog

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