Scums by Nightmare CD Album Review

Alighting on my music taste buds I would say Scums by band Nightmare is a little jarring than what I’m used to in JRock. I mean if you ask me they are more J-Metal than anything. Though they aren’t a band I don’t have previous experience in hearing thanks to having heard their Raison d’etre.

Scums is the epitome of eclectic. Tracks that jump at one as such are certainly Droid with stacatting metal blocks hitting something leisurely against the background as the blasting guitar works at one into minor incoherency. It’s lead vocalist, Yomi, who saves the track from being completely incoherent. Actual shining beacons in Scums are ASSaulter, DISSEMBLE, and ERRORs. Personally one of my favorites that instantly perked me up was I’m not. Primarily because unlike the other songs it is harder, yes, but also has guitar work that blinds at just the right pace alongside Yomi’s singing. Oh, and the pauses that are exceptionally used to good effect. Everything about the song is something I have to applaud. I’m not is perfect on first listen.

As a whole, Scums is filled with good, bad, and some absolutely perfect songs. Despite everything I’m still happy that JRock News gave me the chance to experience Scums by Nightmare. In a way, it helped me to further explore Nightmare’s music.

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Nightmare a Visual Kei JRock band comprised of Yomi on vocals, Sakito on guitar, Hitsugi also on guitar, Ni~ya on bass guitar, and Ruka on drums.