Geisha Boy by T.M. Revolution CD Album Review


Like Nightmare, T.M. Revolution is someone I have already come across in music. Who can forget Takanori’s Resonance from the Soul Eater anime series or his work for his rock band Abingdon Boys School. Besides which his collaboration with Nana Mizuki! What a beauty that was!

Abingdon Boys School

Abingdon Boys School Image Credit: Kisekiboa wordpress blog

Geisha Boy is labeled an album bringing listeners the anime song experience. Sadly while I love T.M. Revolution (Takanori Nishikawa) this album is not what I call a success. Out of the 12 songs on the album there are only 5 good songs. Resonance and Preserved Roses (with Nana Mizuki) falling under the perfect line from T.M. Revolution and which have been seen in anime before. Meanwhile we have HEART OF SWORD -Yoakemae-, Meteor, and SWORD SUMMIT that are JPop songs highlighting Takanori’s beautiful, rare singing voice. Making me see that it is always the music that can make or break how good a song is by Takanori. We all know his singing voice is without parallel but the accompanying background music sets a stage for Takanori’s beautiful singing. So if the music is generic, whether that be in JRock or JPop you know a song wont be as great as it could be.