My Latest Anime Purchases (February 2016)!

This February 2016 I bought Free! Eternal Summer on Limited Edition which released this past February 16.

Plus, I went ahead and bought Noragami on Limited Edition considering I was planning to since last year but I never found the time.

Then since I was already full into my shopping binge I may have also bought the Season 2 of Darker Than Black which I was of course planning to since last year and a Yukino Yukinoshita Anime Figure from the anime series, My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 off That is right while there was another Yukino anime figure of Yukino from Season 1, I went with the Season 2 figure since that looked way more like Yukino.

My anime buying binge wouldn’t be complete without the Free! Haru plushie I was eyeing since last year. So yeah. I too bought a Haruka plushie!


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