Yay! TK’s new mini album has released + Updates

Wooh, wow. I hadn’t noticed but as I get around to really looking at the blog I really haven’t updated in like 8 days now. And for that I am sorry, my readers. I am not going anywhere that is true but I definitely get the sense I am being neglectful.

Therefore to remedy that I will share with you what is going on in my mind. I have been really busy. Even so as the days slip by I cannot help but feel that 2016 is going by in a sluggish pace and that is exactly what I didn’t want for the year. I want 2016 to be like 2015 and for it to go by in a flash. But what can you do? Things will move by in their pace whether I like it or not.

But it isn’t all bad. Somehow January and February 2016 did go by somewhat quick enough and now since yesterday TK’s new mini album Secret Sensation has released in Japan! Woohoo! I’m so excited. Even if that excitement is actually kept in check a little. Mostly since Digital Music News was talking about something that I have been thinking about and that is that this shortened release cycle for TK’s music could negatively affect the music quality. Yeah. I’m worried. But even so, as I take close stock I realize that I couldn’t be patient enough to wait remotely long lengths of time for TK from Ling Tosite Sigure music or Ling Tosite Sigure music. And if I couldn’t wait. You know what would happen? Sadly, though, I wouldn’t consciously want it I would eventually forget one day to keep up with the band’s or TK’s solo work. Something that would invariably happen if TK just disappeared from the scene in trying to record a full-length album. Which in the past has taken at least a year to produce. It happens. All the time. I remember I loved Melissa De La Cruz’s books in her Blue Blood book series but as her book release years got farther apart I got caught up in other book series by other authors and eventually forgot about her series. And the sad thing is I do not plan to ever complete her series now. It’s been too long and that is a part of me that is in the past.

Still. I’m happy because despite a possible loss of quality I still want to listen to TK’s mini album just to see what direction TK is heading in.

So while I wait for the Secret Sensation Limited Edition to head my way (Thanks CDJapan you’re the best!). I’ll be making it a goal to listen to more JRock music, guys, because I really should give you more content. And as a show of my commitment to listening to more JRock music and more importantly doing more JRock music reviews for the blog, here, is the album I’ll be listening to next, Immortalis by Sukekiyo.

Immortalis Image Credit: HMV Japan (www.hmv.co.jp)


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