Immortalis by Sukekiyo CD Album Review

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Immortalis by Sukekiyo is quite wonderful in a mystical airy kind of way. And in fact this is the thought that comes as you listen to the music. Right off I need to make it clear that there are only 6 wonderful songs off of this (out of 16 total songs) and the rest are just cushions or nice distractions. Due to that Immortalis is definitely more of an album about the journey rather than anything really ground-breaking in music. Although the songs I picked in particular are chosen because they are ground-breaking in music and also mystical. And this is the only way to describe what Immortalis is going for: something mystical. Feel free to drift off into some clouds or better yet mountains with puffy mist.

Right off when I first listened to elisabeth addict I can safely say I liked it but my enjoyment of it only progressed. What is wonderful about it is how the musicians play. The way their fingers move on the instrumentation is what is entrancing and more than anything I truly believe this is the song that creates the theme of Immortalis.

destrudo (song #2) made me get the sense it was more of a nice distraction rather any all-important song.

OK. OK. As I was listening to nine melted fiction I actually did not like it at first but as I was halfway listening to it I began to see its charm. It’s very indulgent, I believe but it does have a purpose.

Zephyr on the other hand might be one of my other beloved songs from Sukekiyo besides elisabeth addict and nine melted fiction. It just has this perfect balance that is undeniable throughout.

aftermath it just delightful… Incredibly delicate and I have to applaud the instrumentation since at one point I even caught a whiff of perhaps maybe some flute in aftermath.

kugui reassures that Sukekiyo’s trademark balanced sound returns.

Immortalis by Sukekiyo contains:

elisabeth addict



nine melted fiction


hidden one


uyuu no sora

the daemon’s cutlery

scars like velvet-By the way, this is hilarious because velvet cannot scar. It is soft.






in all weathers

My Personal Favorites (Chosen because in music I look for innovative things and music that is pleasing)

elisabeth addict

nine melted fiction


hidden one



About Sukekiyo

Sukekiyo profile photo [March 8. 2016]

sukekiyo is a Japanese band started in winter 2013 by Kyo, the vocalist of DIR EN GREY. sukekiyo is a part of Kyo’s self-produced side project following the poem- and photo-books he released earlier in 2013 outside of DIR EN GREY.

The band members are Kyo (京, vocals), Takumi (匠, guitar/piano), UTA (guitar/violin), YUCHI (bass) and Mika (未架, drums). Kyo has handpicked the members for sukekiyo, and all of them except for UTA has a past in Free-Will bands. YUCHI is in kannivalism, UTA was in 9GOATS BLACK OUT, and Takumi and Mika were in RENTRER EN SOI. – biography


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